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    Use a RuneScape Card to buy weapons and trading goods to enhance your gaming experience! Become a part of this gaming community of 11.2 million members today and defeat evil together.

    RuneScape Cards

RuneScape Cards

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RuneScape, 15 years of fun

RuneScape was launched on the 4th of January 2001, but a small-scale protoype was already playable in 1998, and during that time RuneScape has grown from a simple MMORPG into a full-fletched strategy game with elements of fanatasy and strategy; a well-known game in the online gaming market. The game was developed and published by Jagex Ltd.

1 online game, 2 types of role-play

There are 2 versions of RuneScape: 1 free-to-play version and a pay-to-play version. Nowadays there are already 11,2 million players of the RuneScape MMORPG, and this video game community is progressively growing, just as RunScape’s graphics and downloadable content. RuneScape is already heading towards its 4th version, and one can only congratulate the succes of this game for it.

RuneScape, the MMORPG

In RuneScape gamers can have contact with one another by trading products with each other, but also by chat messages, and one can play mini-games in RunScape. The story of RuneScape takes place on the planet Gielinor, a planet which was created by the Elder Gods. On Gielinor there are gods, monsters and magical powers, which all play a huge part in the game.

RuneScape at Gamecardsdirect

At Gamecardsdirect you can choose out of 2 types of RuneScape prepaid cards, RuneScape Card $10 and RuneScape Card $25. The RuneScape cards can be used to put the environment of the game to your advantage, and you can develop the characters you play by adding credit to your RuneScape account. Buy weapons, obligations and products to sell to broaden your RuneScape experience. With these Runescape prepaid cards you can also buy or extend your membership, which allows you to use and play RuneScape the way you want, the sky is the limit. When you want to embark on a whole new journey or you simply want to extend your stay in this MMORPG, together with approximately 11,2 million other gamers, than this is the game to play!

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Choose out of the 2 types of cards we offer, with a $10 and $25 value. Select one of the payment methods we offer, and we make sure that your digital RuneScape prepaid card is in your e-mail box as soon as possible.

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