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  • Nintendo Switch Online

    Get more out of your Nintendo Switch account with Nintendo Switch Online and play online games, relive old NES games and buy exclusive content!

    Nintendo Switch Online

Nintendo Switch Online

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Nintendo eShop Card $10

€ 10,00
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Nintendo eShop Card $20

€ 20,00
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Nintendo eShop Card $35

€ 35,00
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Nintendo eShop Card $50

€ 50,00

Nintendo Switch Online – a new way of gaming

Nintendo Switch Online is a new subscription format to experience even more gaming fun with your Nintendo Switch. You can use a Nintendo Switch Online subscription to play online with friends, experience old Nintendo Entertainment System games all over again and benefit from exclusive offers.

The possibilities of Nintendo Switch Online

You can experience more games, more features and more fun on your Switch with Nintendo Switch Online! There are many advantages of this membership, i.e.:

  • Play online – Unfortunately, playing online on your Nintendo Switch is not free anymore, you need Nintendo Switch Online for that now. However, for a small amount you can continue gaming with your friends and have a great time again!
  • NES games – With a Nintendo Switch Online subscription, you get access to the growing collection of NES games that are sure to bring up some nice memories. Play by yourself, with friends or online with others.
  • Save data cloud – You can now also back up your save games and other data to the cloud. Did you buy a new Switch? Then you can easily retrieve your saved data!
  • Smartphone app – Everyone has a smartphone nowadays, and you can now connect it to your Switch to access voice chat.
  • Member-only offers – Nintendo Switch Online members get exclusive content to make the most of their Nintendo Switch experience.

Become a member of Nintendo Switch Online

You can easily activate a Nintendo Switch Online subscription using your Nintendo eWallet balance. To top up your account with new credit, you can simply use a $10, $20, $35 or $50 Nintendo eShop Card. The digital code will be sent to you right away, so you can get started quickly. Would you like to purchase a Nintendo Switch Online subscription? Then read more about the costs of a membership below:

Individual membership (for one Nintendo Account holder)
  • 1 month / 30 days = $3,99
  • 3 months / 90 days = $7,99
  • 12 months / 365 days = $19,99
Family membership (for up to 8 Nintendo Account holders)
  • 12 months / 365 days = $34,99
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