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Hey, nice of you to check out the people behind Gamecardsdirect! We are a close-knit team that operate from the beautiful Limburg to deliver your digital gift codes. We all love games, one a bit more than the other. Mobile games, PC games, console games and everything in between. We often test the latest games during our lunch break and sometimes have to check up on our Game Monkeys, in case they are up to no good.

Before we expanded to the company that delivers your gift cards, Sven (CEO Gamecardsdirect) was the one who started it all by buying and selling game cards. Sven: “My mission is to offer everyone every type of prepaid gift card in the easiest and quickest way possible.” With this vision in mind, we have grown from a small company that sells game cards to a webshop with a large range of digital prepaid vouchers and gift cards.

During the past years, we have reached many goals that we are extremely proud of at Gamecardsdirect. Just like any other company, we have completed achievements and overcome obstacles. But we have always strived for the same mission: continuing to optimise and improve our one-stop gift card shop, so you can get the games, music, movies, apps and other things that make you happy, wherever and whenever you need them.

Quick service for everyone

Just like any other gamer, we love speed: fast internet connection, being the first to try out new games and apps, and the shortest possible waiting time when placing an order. That is why we, the one-stop gift card shop, make sure that you never have to wait long for your order. When you need in-game content, want to listen to your favourite music without ads, or game online with friends; you can order your prepaid gift card from Gamecardsdirect anytime, anywhere.

Our kick-ass team

Would you like to know who regularly sends you a newsletter, speaks to you on the phone or always makes sure we have enough stock? Meet our team!

Sven - CEO

As you might have read in the paragraph above, Sven is the founder and CEO of Gamecardsdirect. He started this company by himself 10 years ago and now has 5 employees to support him. He is always actively looking for new ways to further develop Gamecardsdirect. At home, he loves playing a match of Fortnite with his kids or likes to continue with his progress in Red Dead Redemption 2.

Claudio - Content writing and Translations

Claudio came here from the beautiful city of Naples, in Italy, to keep all the shop’s pages updated and translate them into italian. When needed he helps his colleagues with customer support. If you spot any typos in the texts it’s most probably his fault! Claudio spends almost all his free time playing any kind of games on his beloved Playstation, from JRPGs to action games to puzzles. He has a huge library of games that grows bigger each month, with hundreds of titles he’ll never get around to play due to lack of time.

Berend - IT & Customer Support

Berend devotes himself to customer service each day. In addition, he is the IT Specialist in our team and skilfully works on the back end of the website. To keep his energy levels up, you will often find him making a cup of coffee in the canteen. In his free time, he likes playing Action RPGs and city builders. He also often chooses a random game in the Xbox Game Pass library to try out.

Andre - Business Development & Data Analyse

André divides his time at Gamecardsdirect between analyzing data and coming up with new opportunities and possibilities for the company. In addition, he is also responsible for account management for our many partners. At home André can always be found behind his console or game PC. A good RPG or Survival game is devoured!

Wendy - Inventory & Purchasing

Wendy makes sure that there is always enough stock to deliver your game and gift cards right away. She also works on our creative projects in Photoshop and is completely at easy editing videos. Outside of work, Wendy plays a lot of different games, like Heroes of the Storm and Ori and the Blind Forrest. She also loves watching Japanese anime on Crunchyroll.

Jocelyne - Customer Support

Jocelyne is our French Customer Support representative. ne parle pas français? No problem, she also speaks Dutch, English, French, Kirundi, Kinyarwanda and Swahili! Jocelyne strives to help our customers with questions about their order or product as quickly as possible. Besides Customer Support, she also translates web texts. Gaming? She leaves that to her kids.

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