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Animal Crossing Mobile

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In November 2017 the Animal Crossing franchise will be released on mobile phone platforms for the first time ever! Animal Crossing Mobile will be released on iOS and Android. When exactly mobile gamers are able to enter the world of the cute animal characters of this Animal Crossing game is yet to be announced, but Nintendo promised that it would be in 2017; needless to say that we will inform you about what the exact date would be. We can tell our readers a couple of things about this new game though. Depending on where you are located in the world this game has two names, “Animal Crossing Mobile or “Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp”.
Play Animal Crossing on your mobile

Cute collecting world

In Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp gamers get their own camp site that they can manage. You can manage your in-game characters, but they can also customize their own camping site, which is great fun. You can handle a great deal of buildings and furniture in Animal Crossing Mobile, so you can really make this game your own. Gamers can make their own furniture based on the items you have collected while playing this on-the-go game; you can find these items in the recreational areas around your camp site, but you can also collect prizes whenever you execute chores for other animals on your camp site. You can also go to some sort of blacksmith, so he can produce parts for you with which you can make furniture and other items. By making your game characters feel comfy, your friendship with the other little characters grows, and by bonding with your surroundings you strengthen your position in the Animal Crossing Mobile world, and thus you progress more in the game. By adding these new features you get the feeling that you are moving through a living and breathing world, and this motivates you as a gamer to really take care of all the in-game characters, and this is probably the element that will make Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp a really addictive game on mobile devices, like was the case with The Sims when this game first came out.

Mobile micro transactions

You can go and look for yourself for new materials to build, and you can earn in-game money by executing chores, but you can also make use of in-game micro transactions, these are called Leaf Tickets. With this in-game currency you can buy new materials, but you can also make sure that your buildings are finished in a quicker fashion. Leaf Tickets can get earned in-game, but you can also buy them through the App Store and the Google Play Store.

New content

Just like in previous Animal Crossing games you can fish, but this time the developers of this game have added a new game element, you can make use of a net in Animal Crossing Mobile. Even the fishes you catch can be used in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. This instalment in the Animal Crossing franchise is playable in real-time, and all seasons pass and the most celebrated international holidays, because of this every once in a while your camp site changes theme. Did we mention that every gamer gets his own SUV, that you can customize, but you would still need to pay off the mortgage of this vehicle?
Collect, fish, customize and more in Animal Crossing mobile


In the multiplayer mode of Animal Crossing: Mobile you can exchange IDs, and you can visit each other’s camp site, you can make new friends and you can exchange items with each other, because one has many materials that can be of great value for another player.

Source: Nintendo Mobile

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