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Long distance whacking

Choose out of Arms fighters which belong to a diverse community and have roots all over the world. Use fighting combinations which you can execute with your flexible telescopic Arms and use different button combinations to damage your opponent as much as possible. Whack your opponent into the air, slap them mid-air, or stomp them to the ground in one of the magnificent battle arenas.
Nintendo Arms
With some or more power-ups you can damage your opponent as badly as you possible can. Fill your gauge meter with every punch you attack your opponent with, and make sure to show them what an Arms fatality really looks like. Release your inner fighter with this game and fight your way to the top!

Easy, yet quick action

Fight with easy to remember button and motion controls. Hold on to your Joy-Con controller in a thumbs-up fashion and use easy, yet effective movements to defeat your opponents. Jump to the side and dodge the attacks of your opponents during fast-pace action battles.

Choose your fighter!

Choose out of a great diversity of fighters which you can use to defeat your opponents. Each game character in Arms has his or her unique characteristics, appearance and moves.
Arms Characters

Interactive game arenas

Fight in different arenas which all have their own unique obstacles and backgrounds which belong to the gameplay of Arms. In a creepy laboratory setting you can whack glass tubes with a mysterious substance in them to damage the armour of your opponent.
Nintendo Arms Stage
Nintendo Arms Stage

Arms of destruction

Choose your Arms with care, because each pair has its own abilities; some are long and heavy, but they will damage your opponent quite badly, others are light and quick, but do not destroy your opponent as bad. It is up to you to come up with the right combinations to defeat all of your opponents.
Source: Nintendo UK

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