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Discover the untold stories of the Second World War in the sixteenth instalment of the Battlefield-franchise: Battlefield V! This first-person shooter known for its realistic graphics and environmental changes, powerful war stories and intense multiplayer matches, will be back with a new game set during World War II.

The release date of Battlefield V has been postponed to 20 November 2018 and will be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.
Under No flag
The Last Tiger

The untold stories

The single player mode has been split up in 4 separate War Stories telling the stories of several soldiers from different backgrounds.

  • Prologue introduces you to the world of Battlefield V.
  • Nordlys, the first story you will immerse yourself in, takes you to the snowy mountains of Norway in winter 1943 during the German occupation. Instead of playing with a trained soldier, your character is a young female resistance fighter called Solveig, who is trying to rescue her captured mother. This stealth oriented campaign story focuses on mobility and environmental influences like hypothermia, and you will at one point even pick up a pair of skis…
  • Under No Flag follows the story of Billy, a young criminal from London who is given a second chance to join the Special Boat Service and its mission to destroy the Luftwaffe air bases in North Africa.
  • Tirailleur will follow the Senegalese units during Operation Dragoon, the Allied invasion of Southern France on 15 August 1944, and Deme, an old man who is recounting these past events in flashbacks.

The fifth and final single player story The Last Tiger will be released in December 2018 and will tell the story of a German Tiger tank crew. As they get near the end of the war, they start to question the ideology that has led them to this point.

United we stand, divided we fall

Apart from the campaign stories, most fans are once again excited for the online multiplayer gameplay. Battlefield V present 8 maps and 8 game modes, including Airborne, Breakthrough, Conquest, Domination, Frontlines, Final Stand, Team Deathmatch and Grand Operations. You will get to battle it out in familiar locations like France, Norway, North-Africa and of course the Netherlands.
Battlefield V
But we cannot forget Firestorm, the new Battle Royale game mode of Battlefield V with a completely new map in which 64 players divided into 16 squads will fight to be the last team standing. This map is said to be the biggest map ever created in Battlefield, with tanks, aircrafts and other forms of transport to help you make some distance. The ring of fire that surround the map will slowly shrink, pushing you closer to your enemies in the centre of the map. Firestorm does not have a release date yet, but is expected in the first quarter of 2019.

For the first time since Battlefield 3, you can invite 3 friends to play the co-op game mode called Combined Arms. Unfortunately, this mode will not be available with the release of the game, and the release date has not been announced yet.

Get ready to purchase Battlefield V with a gift card for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One or EA Origin.
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