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Dead Island 2

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The zombie Apocalypse has come to shore from the island of Banoi to the mainland of the American state of California. This state has become the battleground for the zombie virus that turns people into bloodthirsty zombies, and the place where gamers try to stop the zombies from spreading the virus. Can you deliver The Golden State from evil or will the epidemic spread? You can be your own special hero in Dead Island 2!

The story

The Apocalypse has reached the sun shine state of California! Dead Island 2 continues where its predecessor has stopped; this is no coincidence because the first Dead Island game was a great success, and the sales of this zombie game went sky-high. Dead Island unfolds in a great designed open-world where the beauty of its nature and the bloodiness of the zombies seem to be in conflict with each other. In short, hell and paradise have never been so close to each other as in this Dead Island game! A couple of months after the outbreak of the first Dead Island game, the American army has put the state of California under quarantine. From a beautiful, sunny environment California has become a bloody zombie battlefield; as good as deserted, but full of bloodthirsty zombies. The people who have been left behind in the state of California are individuals who are looking for fame, adventure and a new beginning, and you, as a gamer, can become part of this group.
Dead island 2 characters


In Dead Island 2 you can avoid the full extent of the zombie Apocalypse by using self-made weapons, because of these weapons you can get into the coolest battles, actions and role-playing games. The in-game characters you can play as are not well-rounded people themselves, although they are still human, but they have their own reasons to kill all the undead in the most horrifying ways possible. The action in Dead Island 2 runs from the Golden Gate Bridge up to the sunny beaches of Venice Beach, so your gaming environment is huge.
Dead island 2 zombies
Dead island 2 zombies

Multiplayer fun

Dead Island 2 uses the Unreal Engine 4, and this game has its own multiplayer mode in which you can play with 8 people at once. In the multiplayer mode players can play against each other or as a team; the multiplayer mode is quite elaborate, and is developed for next-gen consoles. Specific classes in this game stand for a different type of gameplay, from a brutal berserker to a stealth-oriented hunter. Wit the use of an elaborate skill system gamers can decide what kind of hero they want to be and what weapons they want to use.

In a nutshell

  • You travel to sunny California, an area that has become one huge zombie playground on which you need to survive.
  • You can choose out of warriors that are not yet infected by the zombie virus, and with your chosen character you can battle the undead that come at you in huge hordes.
  • Intestines are flying all over the place in this game, which means that next to a feeling a constant sense of paranoia, you will also feel disgusted by some of the kills you can execute.
  • You can choose yourself how to kill zombies, cautiously one-by-one or with hordes at a time.
  • A multiplayer mode that allows gamers to play with 8 gamers at once, but you can also switch between multiple multiplayer battles.
Dead island 2 special zombie
Source: Deep Silver

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