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Detective Pikachu

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In this new Nintendo 2DS and 3DS adventure Pikachu works as a detective, together with Tim Goodman, an eighteen-year old student who wants to take it upon him to change the world…

Detective Pikachu, where are you?

The adventure starts when Tim Goodman travels to Ryme City to look for his missing father. The father of Tim was researching Pokémon, and after he was in a car accident, he mysteriously vanished from the face of the earth. The first clue to go from is the Baker Detective Agency where his father works as a private detective.
When Tim arrives the first thing he sees is a group of bad Aipom Pokémon that try to steal a necklace from a young lady, and after they do this they try to destroy Ryme City. Tim heroically jumps between the Aipoms and the young girl, but because they are in a chaotic situation, Tim handcuffs Pikachu instead of the Aipoms. This time around Pikachu has detective abilities, and together Tim and Pikachu start a quest to find the father of Tim.
Detective Pikachu Tim Goodman
So, together with Detective Pikachu you are going to retrieve your dad in this epic adventure, and together with Pikachu you will avoid perilous situations, and you will unravel the mystery of the disappearance of Tim’s dad. You are going to look for evidence when it comes down to the disappearance, and in order to do so you are going to talk with other in-game characters. Tim notes highlights from his interactions with others, in order to deduct them and get to the great conclusion behind the disappearance. Solve puzzles, make sense of your notes, and find clues to unravel the real story, and to save Tim’s dad. Detective Pikanchu to the rescue!

The release date of this Nintendo 2DS and 3DS game is March 23rd 2018.
Detective Pikachu Tim Goodman

Interviews and puzzles

To collect evidence about the disappearance of Tim’s dad you will interview other characters in the game, because you can never be sure enough about who saw what. Tim takes notes of all the highlights of these conversations. In the meantime Detective Pikachu will interview all sorts of other Pokémon to get as much information as he possible can, and because you are both really into all things detective, Tim and Pikachu form a marvellous team!

With the touch-screen of your Nintendo 2DS or 3DS you can manage all your information. Everything you discover during this missing person’s case you will keep in your Case List. In this list you can manage different descriptions from the in-game characters you talk to, but also witness’ cases.

Search for clues

You will search for one clue after another in Detective Pikachu! You will get help to choose the right path, and on that path you can find interesting objects, hints and specialities; you will do everything to find your dad. Use all the notes in your Case Notes to solve the whole mystery.
Detective Pikachu and Tim

Pika Prompts and the Detective Pikachu Amiibo

Also try to find Pika Prompts! Whenever you see a pictogram flashing on your touch-screen, make sure to check it, because Pikachu needs to tell you something, but Pikachu will also try to get your attention in other ways, so do not forget about getting in-touch with Pikachu on a frequent bases.
You can also get more hints from Detective Pikachu through the Detective Pikachu Amiibo (sold separately); by making use of this Amiibo you can obtain all previous chapters of this game. Next to dealing with serious business, there is a lot to laugh about during the Detective Pikachu game, especially when you make use of the specific Amiibo of Detective Pikachu; he will have specific new sentences, and you can put Pikachu in all sorts of mischievous situations.

Be aware: New recruits!

In Detective Pikachu it is also possible to play in the Easy Mode; this is a great mode for gamers who just start out in this game or young gamers. A little light lights up on screen; this lamp leads the right way in the game, and in this mode you also get answer from time to time.

Detective Pikachu Amiibo

Source: The Official Pokémon Youtube Channel

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