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Dissidia Final Fantasy NT

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT logo
We saw a preview of Dissidia Final Fantasy NT (DFFNT) during all sorts of game fairs in the past months, during one of them we actually saw a showcase of this new Final Fantasy combat game, and we have to admit that it is always very cool to see the characters of Final Fantasy in HD, they really come to live this way. Next to this, it is pretty cool to fight versus-style against each other with Final Fantasy fan favourites. Dissidia Final Fantasy NT can be summarized as a mixture of the Final Fantasy franchise, Overwatch and Star Wars: Battlefront, and we are going to tell you why…

Calling it a ‘mixture’ does not do this game any justice, because by doing so we avoid the fact that DFFNT is a great game, it brings something new and fresh to the greatly beloved Final Fantasy franchise, and it adds to the current spectrum of the market of video games. It is not only a mix of well-known Final Fantasy characters, but it is a game that combines all things that are great about this specific game franchise, and adds new gameplay in the process. By the way, this game is developed by two studios, Square Enix and Team Ninja.

Strategic fighting gameplay

The attacks you can execute in Dissidia Final Fantasy NT can be divided in two types: HP and Bravery. When you use an HP attack a big chunck of energy will disappear in your opponent’s energy gauge, and in the meantime your Bravery gauge fills up; the higher the Bravery meter, the more damage your opponent has to recover from whenever you do a HP attack. You need to play strategic, because you want to end up on top at the end of a battle. In short: Fighting in Dissidia Final Fantasy NT is not about button-bashing with FF Characters, but it is a well-balanced game during which you do not need to bet on only one horse, but you really need to think about your actions.

DFFNT is the best of a RPG game and a fighting-game, the characters are divided into status classes; there are Marksmen, they control long-distance attacks; Vanguards, you can let them handle short-distance attacks, and there are Assassins, for quick attacks. Next to these, there are also Specialists, who execute their signature Final Fantasy attacks. Each and every gamer, and Final Fantasy fans in particular, can find beloved characters in Dissidia Final Fantasy NT, which is great!
DFFNT characters
In DFFNT you can grant skills to certain characters before going into battle, you can choose out of HP and Bravery attacks, but also other types of more advanced attacks that are meant for gamers who are pros when it comes down to fighting in Dissidia Final Fantasy NT; you can choose out of popular Final Fantasy summons, e.g. Odin, Shiva, Ifrit, Bahamut, and other summons. Whenever your gauge for summoning creatures is filled you can use these to obliterate your opponent.
Dissidia Final Fantasy NT fight
Fights can be played in a multiplayer as well as a singleplayer mode. Battles are always 3 vs. 3, and whoever beats all three opponents of his or her challenger wins the battle. Dissidia also has a story mode, with really cool cut-scenes.

We can hardly wait!

The first versus-game of Dissidia NT came out on the PSP, the PlayStation handheld of yesteryear, and this PlayStation 4 predecessor is a great addition to the franchise. Beware: This game is not a remake, remaster or reboot, but it is a worthy sequel to its original.
We were impressed by this game, because it is intelligent, fast-paced, and it has amazing graphics, but it also provides fans with a great challenge. The stuff of greatness!

This game will be released January 30th 2018 for PlayStation 4.
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