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Dynasty Warriors 9

Dynasty Warriors 9 logo
The Dynasty Warriors franchise is well-known for its range of different games that came to being through this franchise, but this ninth addition has a totally new approach to the series, because this game has an open-world design. The Chinese landscape can be explored by making use of a huge map on which you can find a great multitude of different paths and options. The signature trend of the Dynasty Warriors games is the one-against-thousands feature, and in this ninth instalment this feature makes his return, but the game is full of freedom and different ways to play the game.

The release date of this game is February 13th 2018 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

The story

About the plot of Dynasty Warriors 9 is said that it is spread over ten riveting chapters; each chapter shows a shift of power in the game world, but it also includes ever-changing powers when it comes down to the game characters that can be controlled by gamers. Each chapter takes gamers deeper into the story of Dynasty Warriors 9, and also focuses on the Chinese military and political background, placed on the time that the story unfolds.

Different from the rest

This instalment in the Dynasty Warriors franchise has missions, with added sub-missions and less elaborate plotlines that are part of the huge main story. In short, this part of the Dynasty Warriors franchise has a lot of game content that will keep you busy for quite a while. You are also forced to play this game in quite a strategic manner. You can play this game in many different ways to end up on top in this game, e.g. immediate attacks, surprise attacks, and nightly brawls.
Dynasty Warriors 9 characters
Dynasty Warriors 9 fight

An epic tour through China

The map of China is filled with a great deal of different Chinese environments, from snowy mountainous settings to wild jungles, and even desserts. There is also a change of climate, and even time. There are also well-known cities and historical landmarks depicted in this game.

Something old, something new

The fans of the Dynasty Warriors game franchise will recognize a great deal of well-known and beloved game characters in Dynasty Warriors 9, because this game contains 83 different kinds of characters that are new, but are also known from previous editions of this game franchise.

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