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This game puts an emphasis on the inner battle that has been upon men for centuries, and the game Extinction shows how overtime men came to existence, but can get extinct whenever evil entities entered the world of men in a fantasy realm.

Extinction will be released on April 10th 2018 .

Extinction: The Story

Men has been at war with themselves since the beginning of time. Kingdoms have fought each other, while the real enemy was lurking in the shadows. In ancient times the enemies were called “the Ravennii”, they are bloodthirsty creatures with a height of 45 meters that have already ruled planet earth. The threat is returning in the game Extinction, and the ancient order are the only ones who have the chance to defeat the Ogres. You are in control of a Sentinel called Avil, he is a soldier, and only he has the power and the weaponry to kill of the endless stream of Ravenii in this fantasy, action and RPG game.

Extinction – the gameplay

Use the broad landscape of Extinction to fight of enormous beasts and their accomplices, but you also need to defend cities and save hostages. Extinction is not just your average hack ‘n slash game, because you also need to strategically fight against Ogers that attack you on land and from the air. You can make use of a dynamic battle system to make this game your own, but the thing you always need to remember is to take away the weapons of your enemy before killing them permanently. This game is not about a war between mankind and all sorts of creatures, but also about the extinction of mankind as a whole, unless you can turn the tide…
Extinction Ravennii Orges
Extinction combat

The features of Extinction

  • Extinction has a story campaign with a deep story: You need to save the inhabitants of various villages by strategically finishing off your enemies.

  • Elaborate dynamic missions: You get different types of goals during the campaigns, and these goals make sure that you will progress in Extinction. During these missions you also earn upgrades.

  • Combat based on in-game skills: You can play horizontally as well as vertically in Extinction, which means as much as that you crawl up walls and that you use your whip while flying through the air. Look for the weaknesses of your enemies and participate on them.

  • The world of Extinction is completely interactive: You can roam the lands freely in Extinction. Use everything around you to reach your goals.

  • Get immersed in numerous battle scenarios: each battle is different from the other, and thus every battle is unique.

  • Build your own battles: You can create your own battlefield in Extinction, and you can let online players fight on your self-made battlefields.

  • The Extinction mode: In this game mode you have to fight of hordes of Ogers and their accomplices.
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