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Far Cry: New Dawn

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Far Cry: New Dawn came as quite a surprise, as its release was scheduled only about a year after the roaring success of Far Cry 5 in 2018. You will once again visit Hope County and the remains of a nuclear blast that has changed the surroundings and its inhabitants drastically. Far Cry: New Dawn will be out on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on 15 February 2019.

More than just a sequel

The announcement of Far Cry: New Dawn early December 2018 made fans worry that it would only be a small expansion of Far Cry 5. But New Dawn offers much more than that. It is a fully developed continuation that only partially reflects on the happenings in Far Cry 5.

The global nuclear catastrophe known as “the Collapse” destroyed Hope County, Montana and forced survivors to live underground. 17 years later, an attempt to rebuild the community is made but threatened by bandits led by the evil Twins Lou and Mickey. Those who do not wish to side with the so-called Highwaymen form a risky alliance with the remnants of the Project at Eden’s Gate, that could end up being even more dangerous…

Far Cry New Dawn sisters

A vibrant and colourful version of Hope County

Though the game is mostly set in the same location as Far Cry 5, it is far from recognisable. Over the years, nature has taken over the landscape and has created an extremely vibrant and colourful view, very different from the Hope County we know. New Dawn also offers new areas for you to explore on expeditions. You can take a helicopter ride to a separate location in the US on one of these missions and explore small areas like a theme park, a swamp and a canyon.

Fully customisable protagonists

In Far Cry: New Dawn, you can start with a clean slate. You enter the story as a nameless player, a lone survivor that has made its way to Prosperity -the home base of the game- after your train was ambushed by the Highwaymen. Your character is fully customisable throughout the game, with many options to explore.

Far Cry New Dawn mutated Bison
Far Cry New Dawn nature

A new enemy

Though there are only two factions in New Dawn, the surviving farmers and residents of Hope County and the invaders and scavengers called the Highwaymen, a new enemy has appeared. Wildlife has evolved and now forms a bigger threat than ever. The nuclear waste in combination with the drug used by the cult in Far Cry 5 has turned some of the wildlife in Hope County into dangerous, hungry beasts that can put up a much larger fight than the bison, boars and cougars you know.

In contrast to this new group of enemies that you will have to face in New Dawn, your trustworthy canine is here to help. As opposed to Boomer in Far Cry 5, your new furry friend called Timber has only been affected by the nuclear disaster in a positive way; he can now ride in cars with you! Of course complete with an excited snout hanging out of the window and a tongue flying in the wind.

Far Cry New Dawn Timber

Familiar yet improved gameplay

The gameplay in Far Cry: New Dawn is familiar but improved. The Far Cry series has definitely gotten the hang of a nice balance between shooter and arcade/action game. Combat is as great as before, with a large variety of weapons to choose from. The weapon wheel interface has been improved and is more efficient in New Dawn. When you have crafted a better version of a weapon, it will simply replace your old one.

New Dawn also introduces more RPG elements to the franchise, adding levels to weapons, enemies and allies. Levelling up to take on higher level enemies is therefore very important. The home base Prosperity also evolved as you play the game.

Once again, Far Cry: New Dawn offers a full co-op gameplay with your online friends. The days of split-screen are unfortunately behind us, but you can still create the best memories with your friends in New Dawn.

Source: Ubisoft

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