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What we already know

The things we know about the game FIFA 19 up to now are not a whole lot, or we do not have any really particular or earth-shattering information. Electronic Arts (EA) is a master in keeping things a secret when it comes down to their bestselling soccer game, so FIFA 19 will be a mystery until at least the E3 game fair in Los Angeles, which will be held between the 12th and 14th of June 2018.

The official licenses of FIFA 19

The last couple of years Konami was the gaming company that owned the licenses of the UEFA Champions League and the UEFA Europe League; these licenses were being used for the Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) game franchise. Last year the license agreement between Konami and the UEFA came to an end, because both parties decided on parting. The licenses came in the hands of Electronic Arts, a story that was unveiled by sports commentator Evert ten Napel, because he revealed that he has been in a recording studio for at least a week to record his audio comments for FIFA 19. He also revealed that the Champions League and the Europe League will be included in the next FIFA game.

fifa 19 ronaldo banner

How will FIFA 19 be released?

About how FIFA 19 will be released we read on May 10th 2018 that the CEO of the EA Sports department, Andrew Wilson, said that the next FIFA game might get a Netflix-ish release, which would mean that FIFA 19 will be a streaming game with subscription elements. Releasing a major game with the likings of FIFA 19 in a streaming manner would make this game very costly. The costs of making a streaming-only game will probably also mean there will be a downloadable digital release and a physique release of FIFA 19. What will really happen will be uncovered during E3 2018.

On which date will FIFA 19 be released?

About the release date we do not know a whole lot up to this point, but when one looks at the release dates of the previous FIFA games it is only fair to say that the date will be somewhere between the end of September 2018 and the beginning of October 2018.

  • FIFA 16 - September 22, 2015
  • FIFA 17 - September 27, 2016
  • FIFA 18 - September 29, 2017

Is there more information about the price of this sports game?

There is no specific information about the price of FIFA 19, but the game will probably have the same price as its predecessor FIFA 18. For the standard version of the game you will pay approximately 59,99 euro. The special editions of the game will set you back 89,99 euro up to 99,99 euro. Gamers who bought the last edition of this soccer game also got extra FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) player packs to give their teams a boost, so chances are high that these extra packs will also get included in the 2018 versions of FIFA.

On which platforms will FIFA 19 be released?

The platforms on which FIFA 19 will be released are the following: Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC and “probably” this edition of the soccer game will also be released on Nintendo Switch. The 2018 release of FIFA on the Switch showed the limitations of this device, since The Journey story mode was not included in the version of the Switch; there is a chance that this mode will be included in the 2019 version.

It might just be the last time that FIFA will be released on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, or it might even be the case that FIFA 19 will not be released on these last generation consoles anymore. By now it is fair to say that Xbox 360 gamers and PlayStation 3 owners have to buy new consoles, so that they can keep up with this generation of games. 
Fifa 19 stage

Do The Journey and FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) modes return?

The game mode which was very popular in the last two editions of the FIFA franchise, The Journey, will “probably” return in FIFA 2019. This mode is a single-player option during which you play a rookie, and you can climb up the professional soccer ladder to become a soccer legend.

Chances are quite high that the FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) mode of FIFA will make its return to the 2019 edition of the game. In this mode you can spend money , and by doing so you can open packs, lootboxes if you will, and these will decide your success in this soccer game. It would be strange for this mode to not make its return, so it probably will.

Are there any new elements in this next FIFA game chapter?

There is a chance that dynamic weather will appear in FIFA 19, which would mean a whole new element to the FIFA gaming franchise, although the demand for this feature has been quite high in recent years. Changing weather conditions would make the gameplay of FIFA deeper and more realistic, both things that cannot be excluded in a game that will be released in 2018.

Does FIFA 19 have better servers for online gameplay?

What we do know about the servers of the FIFA franchise is that they will get improved for FIFA 19; the reason for this is that celebrities who play FIFA have complained a whole lot in order for the servers to get an update.

Which soccer player will be on the cover of the FIFA game of this year?

Who will be the cover model for the upcoming version of FIFA is a mystery, but this secret will be unveiled during the upcoming Electronic Arts Event in June 2018. A new trailer of the game will also be released during the same date, so there is a lot to be excited about during upcoming months.

Which soccer player do get a make-over when it comes down to their digital characters?

It is unclear which digital soccer players will get a make-over before the release of FIFA 19, but after some mismatches in FIFA 18 chances are enormous that some players need a digital do-over.

This is what we know up to now about the game FIFA 19, more information follows as soon as we have received it!

Update: 03-07-2018

Which players will not be in FIFA 19?

The players underneath will not be in FIFA 19:

  • Yannick Carrasco, Belgium
  • Kaká, Brazilië
  • Cedric Bakambu, Frankrijk
  • Per Mertesacker, Duitsland
  • Ryan Mason, Wales
  • Javier Mascherano, Argentinië
  • Andrea Pirlo, Italië
  • Wesley Sneijder, Nederland

Fifa 19 players

The absence of these players can be due to a lot of things. It can be that they are retired, but also because of injuries, and because they have made different choices when it comes down to their sports career.

Which player has been rated the best?

The player that has been rated the best is always a precarious thing, because the decision-making around this title is always a very careful one, and it depends on many things. The player that is featured on the box art of this game franchise is always the best-performing one of that year. Last year it was Ronaldo. It will be a great surprise when the star player of 2019 is revealed, because there are many soccer players who have scored the same or have surpassed Ronaldo.

Who will be the strongest player in the game?

Who will be the strongest player in the game depends on many different things. In FIFA 18 the player Adebayo Akinfenwa was named the strongest player, but this is not totally true. EA Sports has made sure that he got the title by giving him a Hero Card after Panama qualified for the World Championship of 2018.
Fifa 19 gameplay

Will FIFA 19 be significantly different from FIFA 18?

No, FIFA 19 will not be significantly different from FIFA 18, and let’s be honest, why would it be really? EA is getting ready to make their FIFA game series an official eSports game, and while they are at it, they want to turn it into a worldwide phenomenon. In this regard it would not make any sense to change a winning game. The gameplay will not change. Ok, there will be some tweaks, but not more than just “tweaks”; there will be no drastic changes. The FIFA game franchise has been a success formula since day one, so no reason to change.

Are there going to be even more stadiums to play soccer matches in, in the game FIFA 19?

Yes, there will be even more stadiums to play soccer matches in! In FIFA 18 you could play matches in 70 different stadiums. In FIFA 19 more stadiums are added, among them are LA Galaxy StubHub Center and Huddersfield Town John Smith’s Stadium, but also Brighton & Hove Albion Arena.

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