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Frantics is another new multiplayer bomb of fun that is going to be released for PlayStation PlayLink. You could say that Frantics is the PlayStation 4 version of Nintendo’s Mario Party franchise, but that might be a little over the top since the Mario Party franchise has already proven that it is a success formula on different Nintendo consoles, and Frantics is just starting-out, but nonetheless comparisons can be found between both these games.

This game will exclusively be released on March 7 2018 for Playstation 4.

Insane mini-games

In the game Frantics it is all about 15 crazy mini-games which can be played by a maximum of four players at the same time, the games vary from an insane fighting mode up to a match of strategic battling. In Frantics anything goes, so expect some mental surprises in this game, and do not forget to make each other’s gaming experience a little or a whole lot more difficult by irritating the cr*p out of your opponents, because in the end there can only be one winner, and that is no different in Frantics.

The crown

In this PlayLink exclusive game you go and look for “crowns”, but it might be better to say that you bully them away from your opponents, but how that works is as good as self-explanatory in this game. You will collect crowns, and needless to say that you need to collect as many of them as you possibly can, but first you need to battle it out with your competitors.

Frantics gameplay

Frantics chicken and elk

Tablet or smartphone controls

In the colourful, cartoony world of Frantics you do not need to use the PlayStation Dualshock 4 controller, but you can just start your game by playing with your smartphone or tablet, so there is no need to buy four expensive controllers, because these days most of us have a mobile phone or tablet that they can use to play the PlayStation PlayLink games. Download the Frantics app on your phone and tablet, and you are ready to start gaming; you can start defeating your opponents as soon as you have bought the full Frantics game and have downloaded the app on your phone or tablet, it is just as simple as that! The gameplay of Frantics gives us good hopes that this game will be hilarious!

Foxy game

In this game one can also find a sneaky, and thus manipulative fox; he sends you secret messages and also extra missions to sabotage the whole game, and you need to decide whether you are going to let yourself get manipulated or to make other, maybe smarter, choices. Because of the manipulation of the fox the game changes constantly, but stay in pokerface mode, and you might just be the winner of this crazy multiplayer party game!
Source: PlayStation Europe

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