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The free Games with Gold of May 2022


DDo you sit on the edge of your seat every month to see what free Xbox games you can play? Microsoft announced the Games with Gold for this month. On May 1 and on May 16, there will be another bunch of tasty games waiting for you.

Games with Gold available from May 1

The games you can play immediately starting May 1 are: Yoku's Island Express and Hydro Thunder Hurricane.

Yoku's Island Express. All Yoku wants to do is enjoy the sun and deliver packages with his new job in a tropical paradise. But first, he must traverse the island helping others and trying to awaken an ancient deity trapped in a restless sleep. Explore the colorful open world of Mokumana, test your pinball skills and earn wild new power-ups to help the friendly locals.

Hydro Thunder Hurricane. Tear through eleven mysterious racing environments such as Monster Island and the Bermuda Triangle, each filled with huge jumps, drop-offs, secret shortcuts and objects to destroy. Get carried away as you check out different game modes, and battle to be the first to cross the finish line.

Games with Gold available from May 16

In addition to the aforementioned games, you can also get straight into Viva Piñata Party Animals and The Inner World - The Last Monk from May 16.

Viva Piñata Party Animals. Get ready for a lot of fun for everyone! Play as Hudson Horstachio, Franklin Fizzlybear and others in over 40 mini-games mixed with racing events. Combine your victories and bonuses to get the most candy and be crowned victor.

The Inner World - The Last Monk. Embark on an adventure through Asposia to find the last wind monk and fulfill Robert's destiny as heir to the flute's throne. Switch seamlessly between playing as Robert, Laura, the rebel who flies out of control, or Peck, the dove who doesn't fly at all. This charming adventure game is packed with brain teasers, humor, beautiful music and lots of heart.

Games with Gold April

Oh damn! Did you completely forget to claim the Xbox Games with Gold for April due to the hectic pace? Don't worry, you can still download Hue through May 15. All of the Games with Gold for April are:

  • Another Sight (1 April through 30 April)
  • Outpost Kaloki X (1 April through 15 April)
  • MX vs ATV Alive (16 April through 30 April)
  • Hue (16 April through 15 May)

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