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Hitman 2

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Welcome back, Agent 47

After a two year long break, professional silent assassin Agent 47 is back. This time, Agent 47 embarks on his mission to hunt down the mysterious Shadow Client. But aside from his main mission, assassinate his target to reach his objective, he will also discover the hidden truth about his past.
Hitman 2 will be out on 14 November 2018 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

From a racing circuit to a rainforest

In Hitman 2, Agent 47 will travel the world as he takes on missions to assassinate his targets. A total of 6 new sandbox environments will be playable, each having their own hiding spots, disguises to obtain and areas to infiltrate to take down your target in every creative way possible. Other than Miami, USA and Santa Fortuna, Colombia, the 4 other locations are still classified information.

Hitman 2 missions around the world

Make the world your weapon

Just like any Hitman game, you can use almost everything in your environment and turn it into a weapon. Kill stealthy by shooting with Agent 47’s trademark Silverballers, or use the Fiber Wire to approach your non-expecting victim and strangle him without making a sound. Or you can also choose a more creative approach, like sabotaging the surroundings and creating a staged accident, or using a brick, fish or defibrillator as the murder weapon.
Hitman 2 weapon of choice Fish
Hitman 2 weapon of choice Iron
Hitman 2 weapon of choice Muffin
The gameplay is similar to the previous Hitman, except for the episodic format, as Hitman 2 will be released in one go. This time you get to experience a continuation of the story line in the single player campaign mode, new missions and more free content to test your killer creativity. In Hitman 2, the way you interact with your environment plays a vital part in the outcome of the story. Choosing to lure a guard from his post and replacing him will create a domino effect with vast repercussions. In the Ghost mode, you can test your stealth and speed by racing another online player to be the first to assassinate 5 targets, side by side.
Hitman 2 infiltrate

Anything is possible with the right disguise

Disguises are a vital part of the Hitman gameplay. The right disguise determines whether or not you can infiltrate an area unnoticed or not. Merge yourself in the crowd, become a security officer to gain access to restricted areas, or look like any other mechanic and get close enough to a private vehicle to plant a bomb. Of course, you can choose a more difficult approach without changing out of your suit. In any case, the possibilities in Hitman 2 are endless.

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