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Aloy the robo-dino whisperer is back!

Six months after Zero Dawn, we're back with Aloy, who in the meantime has launched a quest to find a cure for the Red Blight, a harbinger that the planet's biosphere has been disrupted. Explore a map larger than Zero Dawn, and new allies and weapons in Horizon: Forbidden West!


Horizon Forbidden West is the next chapter in Aloy's story. The game will be released on February 18, 2022, on PS5 and PS4. The game is set six months after the original game. Our fiery robo-dino whisperer heads west - as the title suggests - to investigate a new source that threatens the world. The game continues to build on what you saw and played in Horizon: Zero Dawn, but you will get new machines, weapons, and allies that help you to explore.

Although the game is currently only being released on PlayStation, it is not out of the question that it will one day be released on PC. Zero Dawn is now available on PC via Steam. Are you buying the game for your PS4? Then you have the option of a free upgrade to the PS5 version later on.

The story: climbing, floating and new allies

We start with Aloy in her quest to finding a solution to the threats taking place and save life as we know it in Zero Dawn. She travels to the unknown areas in "The Forbidden West," an in-game map that stretches from Utah to the Pacific Coast (Western coastal areas of the U.S.). As you and Aloy attempt to explore the vast expanses of the Forbidden West, you'll discover a huge range of diverse ecosystems, from lush valleys to waterless deserts, snow-capped mountains, tropical beaches, and ruined cities. This is both above and below water. So get ready to encounter everything "Mother Nature" throws at you!

The new threats, the Red Blight, terrible storms, and new machines attacking the tribes are signs that something new is going on. Once again, it's up to Aloy to unravel secrets and stop these threats, to create balance in the world once again. Gradually, you'll discover a hidden chapter from the ancient past, one that will change Aloy forever…

Forbidden West gameplay: new tools!

In addition to her trusty spear and bow, Aloy gets new weapons and tools that help and keep her alive throughout her adventure. For example, you have the "Pullcaster", a grappling hook that allows you to climb quickly, and with the "Shieldwing" you can then slide back down safely. With your "Diving Mask" you can of course explore the dangerous, but beautiful waters. Aloy's Focus gets upgrades giving you the ability for free-climbing, control over even more machines to ride or fight on.

"The free-climbing system in Horizon Forbidden West is a key feature that we are very excited about, as it has allowed us to make large parts of the terrain passable (where it makes sense visually and story-wise) in a way that was not possible before in Horizon Zero Dawn. Rocky surfaces in these areas are free to climb without the use of tools," said David McMullen, Lead Systems Designer at Guerrilla.

In addition, you have the Shieldwing, a holographic glider that Aloy uses. Not only does it offer a great sense of freedom, gliding gracefully (or not-as gracefully) downward, it's also wonderful for looking out over the higher areas.

There is much more to say about the new weapons, the upgrades you can perform on your weapons, the new abilities, and the new skill tree, but it is simply too much to mention! We say pre-order the game now and get started as soon as it comes out. To pre-order the game, make sure you have enough credit in your PlayStation eWallet with one of our PlayStation Network Cards!

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