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Jurassic World Evolution

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In Jurassic World Evolution you can take the lead, and become the legendary Doctor John Parker Hammond, who was the initiator and owner of the first-ever epic Jurassic Park. For ‘90’s kids this video game is a dream that finally comes true, because when you were a child or a teenager during the time the first Jurassic Park movie came out, you have probably always dreamed of owning your own dinosaur park, and to take care of your own self-chosen set of dinos. In this new Jurassic World game you get the chance to be John Parker Hammond, and to build your own Jurassic Park. The idea on itself already sound amazing!

This game will be released on June 12th 2018 for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.
Jurassic World Evolution dino

Always wanted to be the initiator of a Jurassic Park or Jurassic World?

The game Jurassic World Evolution gives you the chance to build your own dino park, because in this game you are the legendary Dr. John Parker Hammond! As the owner and manager of your dino park you take the lead in all daily management tasks that need to be executed on the archipelago of the Muertes islands. Create your own park, and make sure to conduct science research, make sure that your park has entertainment value for its visitors, and make your dinos so intelligent that they break-out to make life find a way to make sure it survives.

Jurassic World: Life finds a way

The second Jurassic Park movie, The Lost World, got the slogan “Life finds a way”, and in Jurassic World Evolution life tries to find a way again. Create intelligent dinosaurs that feel and react when their environment changes. In this game you can also react on the characteristics of each and every dino that is included in the video game world. You make sure that the dinosaurs look cool and scary, in order for the public to visit your park. Your goal is to earn money to try and find new DNA of lost dinosaurs.
Jurassic World Evolution game

Build your own prehistoric empire

In this you can build your own prehistoric empire, and you can choose every feature of it, but always with a focus on your mission of earning money in order to find new dinos, but also to conduct new research to know more about these prehistoric creatures. Manage your park with a balanced management system, and face many challenges in the air, on the ground and in water. You can extend the islands you have at your disposal, but you choose the way you want to do this. Choose out of iconic characters out of the Jurassic Park and World franchise. Make use of many elements in Jurassic World Evolution , and you have all the tools to make your park become a great success.
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