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Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Kingdom Come: Deliverance (KCD) is a story-driven open-world RPG that is being told in the Holy Roman Empire, so that is quite the setting for an incredibly rich and elaborate game. In short, KCD is an ambitious project that has known quite some tribulations in its production process, but on February 13 2018 it is finally being released on PlayStation 4, PC and Xbox One! As the main character of the game, which can be controlled by gamers, you are seeking revenge for the death of your parents, and that is why you fight against troops that have been invading your territories. Finish your missions, and make choices that influence the gameplay of KCD. Explore humongous castles, but also vast forests, lively villages, but also other hyper-realistic environments in Medieval Bohemia (area in the Czech Republic).

Medieval Bohemia

Bohemia lies in the heart of Europe, and always had a rich culture, but this area is also known because of its silver mines and huge castles, but in history this area has had a less colourful run, because after the death of Emperor Charles IV the area changed from a great area to be into a war zone. Next to this, the area was washed over by corruption and leaders that quarrelled. One of the sons of Charles IV, Wenceslas, inherited the crown, but Wenceslas is nothing like his father, he is the total opposite. Wenceslas’ half-brother is the king of Hungary, and he sees Wenceslas’ inabilities. This is reason for Wenceslas to be abducted by his half-brother, and because of this Bohemia can be plundered and ravaged.

Fight the future

As gamer you control Henry, the son of a blacksmith. Your peaceful life comes to an end when your village gets burned down to the ground, and you get to see how all your friends, family members, and other inhabitants get killed by assassins. You fight alongside the army of Radzig Kobyla to defeat king Sigismund. You even fight in a civil war to save the land of Bohemia out of the claws of its oppressor.

Choose your fate

Kingdom Come: Deliverance offers different options, because you can choose for a positive or negative approach of your surroundings, and you will also experience this game differently.


  • Kingdom Come Deliverance has a realistic open-world environment full of great castles, open fields and you can experience Europe in the Middle Ages. You can create your own challenges by interacting in a positive and negative sense with your environment.
  • The graphics of KCD are great and hyper-realistic, and there has also been a thought process behind the dynamic A.I. system that KCD includes; there is even a shift between day and night, and this means that everything about Kingdom Come: Deliverance comes across as very realistic.
  • The story of this game is non-linear, and adjusts itself while playing the game. It is up to you how to finish this game.
  • The fights in KCD are more than challenging, and will even surprise the most trained gamer. There is also the option to make adjustments to amp up the replay value of this game.
  • The character of Henry in this game also goes through character development when it comes down to skills, appearance, weaponry and other features.
  • You shape the world around you in KCD; you are the one that through interaction with other characters shows how others must treat you in the game, which gives gamers a great sense of involvement in KCD.
  • Kingdom Come: Deliverance is based on true events, which makes this game all the more interesting, it gives that extra sense of authenticity; you really get the feeling that you are in the Bohemia of Medieval times.
Source: Deep Silver

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