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Lost Sphear

A whole city has disappeared, and you are the one that goes on a dark and dangerous adventure in order to find this city, but you also need to find the reason for the city to disappear, because who or what is responsible for the disappearance and why?

Lost Sphear will be released on January 23rd 2018 for PlayStation 4, PC and Nintendo Switch.

A story about braveness

As a player of this game you crawl into the skin of Kanata, a young man which life has been determined by faith. Kanata himself also gets doom messages from an unknown evil power, these messages come to him through dreams, but these do not make him afraid but rather evoke his willingness to put up a fight. You need to rely on your memory and you need to collaborate with others in order to find the missing city.

Elaborate gameplay

Lost Sphear is the second video game that comes out of the game developer stables of Tokyo RPG Factory, before they have made I am Setsuna. Lost Sphear adds to the previous game of Tokyo Game Factory, but it has also a couple of significant updates, the turn-based fights are more elaborate, and gamers can choose out of more options than ever before, this makes this game even more exciting and adventurous!

In short

  • Updated battle system – Gamers get a better gaming experience because of the ATB 2.0 battle system.

  • Catching Kisou-robots – Kisou a.k.a.Machine Equipment can be handed to in-game characters, and by doing so you can enhance your characters, and you can even give your characters special Kisou commands.

  • New enemies – In Lost Sphear you can fight a variety of new challengers, and you can actually challenge yourself to win all your battles.
  • Epic story – The connection that links the three main themes of Lost Sphear and the destiny of Kanata make one big epic story that will appeal to gamers of the RPG game genre.

  • Ingenious chat system – In Lost Sphear you find deep conversations between all in-game characters, which makes this game even more lively.
Source: Square Enix NA

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