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Metal Gear Survive

Metal Gear Survive is a spin-off of the original storyline that unfolded in Metal Gear Solid V. This spin-off is quite original, because it is a fresh look on a well-known, challenging, and most of all loved game franchise. Metal Gear Survive has unique gameplay elements and it has integrated strategic co-op gameplay.

Release date: February 20th 2018 on PlayStation 4, PC and Xbox One.

Alternate universe

Metal gear Survive’s story is all about an alternate universe; you get teleported to this universe by a strange phenomenon when the characters in the game do not expect this to happen. To understand your strange new surroundings in Metal Gear Survive you need to do a lot of exploring in solo or co-op missions. During your missions you need to track down all sorts of materials in order to make useable tools out of them, but you also need to make weaponry and protection to stay out of harm’s way, because only by doing so you can survive in this game.


This game can be played in two ways, by Single Play, but also in a Co-op Mode. By the use of a Base Camp these two game modes are interconnected, because you can exchange the tools and weaponry you have made in either of these game modes with each other, and because of this no gameplay is lost or futile, and it gives gamers a great sense of control over this game. You need to build your own Base Camp, and to do so you can find many different items in this alternate universe; from these Base Camps you can get access to new weaponry and protection, and you get a chance to strategically plan your missions. Next to this, Base Camps are meant to give gamers a sense of freedom and the feeling that they are moving around in an open-world.

Useful hoarding

In Metal Gear Survive you need to find resources and blueprints in order to design and shape new objects and to succeed when it comes down to your missions. Next to your sense of collection, or hoarding if you will, you can also find other objects, e.g. agricultural tools, cattle breeding, food, and even water collection. When your Base Camp improves in Metal Gear Survives, so do your items, which is quite exciting and fulfilling.
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