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Micro machines World Series

The Micro Machines are back in a new tiny but grand race adventure. Since June 21st 2017 Micro Machines World Series is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. In short, the Micro Machines are back…and this time it is personal!

Micro Machines World Series keeps all things positive about the original and will also focus on the social part of the game, but this time around all graphics are in HD, and racing through the domestic environments looks more detailed than ever before because of this. Next to this, the social aspect of the game is one of the main priorities of this inventive race game.

Big miniature game modes

Next to including some race modes which were already in the original, e.g. Race and Elimination, there is also a new game mode added to this game, it is called ‘Battle Mode’. The newly designed Battle Arenas will make it possible for you to damage your enemies severer than ever before. Play against the A.I. of this game or your friends and destroy their cars as bad as you possibly can during the epically huge micro-battles. There is also the option of racing in a co-op modus; you can choose out of ‘King of the Hill’ or ‘Capture the Flag’.
The Micro Machines game franchise is known for its bizarre and a micro-bit crazy chaotic gameplay, so there is never a dull moment in this racing franchise. Micro Machines World Series can be classified as the ultimate racing event for all ages. The gameplay is not that hard to comprehend; once you know the simple controls the game becomes hard to turn away from.

The best Micro Machines gaming experience up to now

In an interview with the Vice-President of the developer of the Micro Machines World Series, Jonathan Bunney, he stated the following: “The original Micro Machines video game was a breakthrough multiplayer race game which managed to keep its fans close for quite some time. We saw some great results for the multiplayer free-to-play mobile version of Micro Machines, but because of the graphics processing which takes place in game consoles and in a PC we hope that gamers around the world will have a similar or even better experience than with the mobile game. The fun level rises when you play this game online against each other or against the game’s A.I.”

In the same interview Bunney stated: “Because of the support we have gotten from Hasbro during the development process of Micro Machines World Series we can say that we are very proud to present this game which is a Hasbro product at its core, and because it is Hasbro we simply cannot disappoint the gaming audience. We tried our hardest to make something great out of Micro Machines World Series for all gamers to enjoy.”

On June 21st 2017 Micro Machines World Series can be played with 12 gamers at once, and up to 4 players on the same split-screen. The twelve race cars you can choose from you can pimp, and you can make use of their unique weapons.
Source: Codemasters

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