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Moss is a PlayStation 4 exclusive that tells the story of the little mouse Quill; next to this, Moss is an action-adventure puzzle-game. As a gamer you play the camera of the game, but you are also a character in the world of Quill, a character with a little mouse as a best friend.

Moss will be released on PlayStation VR on February 27th of 2018.

A unique VR experience

Gamers who do not have an idea about what to expect from their first VR experience will always hope for an “it-feels-like-I-am-in-the-game” sort of experience; the PlayStation VR games “Star Trek: Bridge Crew” and “Eagle Flight” are good games to illustrate that gamers really want to become part of the game world. Moss one can compare to “Lucky’s Tale”, a game during which you play in the third-person perspective, and in this regard you can overlook the whole landscape of the game, which makes this game obviously a great VR experience, especially for gamers who can play on and on for hours at an end; Moss offers a similar type of experience, but also adds to everything that has already been developed.

The story

In Moss you find an ancient history book in a just as ancient library. By reading the book you get teleported to a kingdom of fantasy where you will become friends with the tiny mouse Quill, and together you will embark on a beautiful and spectacular adventure.


As a gamer you do not only function as the camera in the fantasy kingdom, but you also play an elaborate character. Quill is very much aware of your presence in her world, and your presence is represented by a masked face and a glowing orb. You will communicate with Quill throughout the game; you can help her with overcoming obstacles on her way and by solving puzzles together.

You control Quill during her adventure, and you will also help her during battles with enemies. Your orb you will use as an object with which you can manipulate your surroundings in order to help Quill on her way; you can help her cope with obstacles, and with puzzles she needs to solve.

A taste for more

The developer of this game stated that the development of Moss was an inspiring challenge, especially because the experience was to show gamers what VR can mean for an elaborate gaming experience. Gamers get fully engulfed by a fantasy world in Moss. In this games you can fully interact with your surroundings and the other in-game characters. Everything needed a sense of being alive, so that gamers feel involved.

Source: Polyarc Games

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