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Not so long ago Dorna Sports S.L. and Milestone proudly announced the new race game MotoGP 18. This game is not really a “new” game, but rather a remake of its original, but with enough added content to make it feel like it is a whole new game. The idea behind the MotoGP game franchise is creating a race game that feels and looks authentic, it must be a great gaming experience for the fans of this franchise and race motor fanatics. That this is the case can also be seen in the enormous level of realism that the game includes, but also the humongous roster of motorcycles gamers can choose from in MotoGP 18.

MotoGP 18 will be released on 7 June 2018 on PlayStation 4, PC, Xbox One and possibly Nintendo Switch, though this has not been officially confirmed yet.

Did the graphics and gameplay of this version of MotoGP 18 get an upgrade?

This is the first MotoGP title that has been developed with the Unreal Engine, and this means that this title is ahead of its game when it comes down to the graphical and technical specs. In this race game you can see that the line between realism and computer graphics is becoming thinner, and that is a great development for the die-hard fans of these types of games.

When one takes into account the gameplay of MotoGP 18 you see that this game as a whole is great improvement based on its predecessor, because the race experience is also based on the highly immersive control of the motorcycles you can choose from. This type of gameplay is is suitable for new gamers, as well as advanced players. Everybody is welcomed in the hyper-realistic game world of this sports game.

Are there any other features why you really need to play MotoGP 18?

There are a bunch reasons why your really need to play MotoGP 18 at least once, varying from its graphics up to the different game modes of this game. We have written the most important reasons to play MotoGP 18 underneath:

  • Gamers can play through the official MotoGP 18 season, by making use of official drivers, official rosters of MotoGP, Moto 2, Moto 3, and the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup. You can race on 19 circuits,
  • including the new Buriram International Circuit in Thailand.
  • In MotoGP 18 you can race with photo realistic motorbikes of top motor cross drivers. To develop this game the studios used Drone Scanning Systems and 3D scanning technology.
  • There are exclusive, improved features in MotoGP 18, e.g. upgraded cut scenes. There is a spectator mode and brand-new interactive tutorials.
  • MotoGP 18 has an augmented A.I, improved bike physics, and in this version of the game riding aids get introduced.
  • In this new edition of the MotoGP franchise there is a new scaled damage system and tire management system.
  • The developer of this game franchise also thought about the skills development of gamers, because in MotoGP 18 one can also play the career mode. In this mode you start playing as a Red Bull MotoGP rookie up to the MotoGP class. In this career mode you can perfectly manage your progression and you can intuitively make progress when it comes down to your own motorcycle.
Source: PlayStation Europe

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