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Ni No Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom

Ni No Kuni is back, and this time everything that we already liked from the original Ni No Kuni game is back, but upgraded, and in this case this means it actually became better!

Multi-awarded game

The first Ni No Kuni game has been awarded with at least 150 video game awards, and up to now there are 1.9 million copies sold of this specific game, and this number is only increasing, because this game is gaining territory in the RPG department of gaming.

Masterfully RPG game

Game developers LEVEL 5 and Bandai Namco Entertainment have decided to work together again on Ni No Kuni 2, and yet again we are treated to the best of the best by these two game development masters, because Ni No Kuni 2 will leave you breathless the second you start to play this game. This second game in what will probably grow into a game franchise has the great elements we came to love about the first Ni No Kuni, there is adventure and great gameplay, which can all be discovered during an epic RGP-game. This second instalment will be in your mind for a long time after you have played it, because it is phenomenal.
  • All-star production– Game developer LEVEL 5 is on a roll with Ni No Kuni 2, because they basically did everything the right way when it comes down to this game, from the graphics to the gameplay, and the music. The music is by Joe Hisaishi, and the character designs are the work of animation-artist Yoshiyuki Momose.

  • Story full of phantasy – Experience the dramatic story of Evan, a young prince that needs to learn how to become the leader of a kingdom, and he also needs to learn how to expand the kingdom.

  • The best in the RPG genre – Ni No Kuni 2 has busloads full of masterfully crafty RPG elements, because there have been new elements added to this new instalment in the franchise, there are more locations to explore, hundreds of enemy monsters to destroy, and there are many quests and secrets to unravel.
  • A fully new world to explore – Beautiful, lively graphics make the world of Ni No Kuni come to live in the most spectacular way possible. Dive into the world of Ni No Kuni 2, and get to know its great characters and beautiful worlds.

  • Top-notch battles – Battle the most fantastic monsters in real-time battles. You will be pleasantly surprised by the this game, because even the already great battle system has had an upgrade, and in this case it is a great and exciting upgrade from its original.

  • Ni No Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom will be released on Playstation 4 and PC on March 23rd 2018.
    Source: Bandai Namco Entertainment America

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