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Nintendo Labo

This spring Nintendo is releasing the brand new Nintendo Labo: a DIY-expansion for your Nintendo Switch. Using Nintendo Labo, you can transform your Nintendo Switch into all sorts of things like a piano, a fishing rod or even a motorcycle.

What is Nintendo Labo?

Nintendo Labo is Nintendo’s new product line which allows you to play and build with your Nintendo Switch in a new, interactive way. Nintendo Labo is a fun cardboard expansion for your Nintendo Switch which you can build yourself. When you buy a Nintendo Labo Kit, you receive a building Kit, instructions and the unique Nintendo Labo software. So far Nintendo has announced two Labo Kits: The Variety Kit and the Robot Kit. Using the Variety Kit, you can build five different “Toy-con”:
  • A remote-controlled car, which uses the Joy-con’s vibration to move,
  • A fishing rod, which uses the Joy-con’s motion sensors to simulate a fishing game,
  • A piano, the console is being put on top of this, and can be used as a music stand,
  • A motorcycle, using the Joy-con in the handlebars,
  • And a little house, containing a slot to insert different components that interact with the game’s software.
The Robot Kit contains all the components to build a robot suit. Because you build your Nintendo Switch’s Joy-con into the suit, the unique Labo Robot game will react to your movement.

There’s also a customization set (€9,99) available for your Toy-con, which allows you to decorate your Toy-con with Nintendo stickers, tape and stencil sheets.

What are the Nintendo Labo’s possibilities?

Every Labo Kit comes with the unique Nintendo Labo software, which makes your creations connect to your Nintendo Switch. There’s no other games announced (yet) that are compatible with Nintendo Labo.

Release date and Prices

Nintendo Labo will be released in Europe on April 28th, and will cost around €69,99.
Source: Nintendo

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