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Sea of Thieves

Always wanted to be a pirate? A huge fan of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies? Always walking around with a parrot on your shoulders? Than Sea of Thieves might just be your thing! This game is full of pirate stories and adventures in which you can profile yourself as the leader of a group of pirates that are exploring a huge oceanic environment. In Sea of Thieves you travel to the most beautiful destinations to try and find the greatest treasures, you will battle epic creatures and you will level your skills, so that you become better and better at this game.

The release date for this game is March 20th 2018 for Xbox One and PC.

A world full of multiplayer gameplay

All characters in Sea of Thieves are gamers that are playing at the same time you are, so the multiplayer scheme of this game runs from your controller to the end of the horizon in this game, and this means that this game is more lively and real than any other game that came before it! Sometimes the characters you meet are other gamers that are watching the fights you are putting up, but sometimes gamers are looking for the same treasure you are. Your gaming environment changes while you play the game.

Cursed treasures for everyone!

Pirates are always looking for treasures, that is what we were told, and that is also one of the many features that make Sea of Thieves so much fun. You can search for treasures on your own, and you can even fight for them in multiplayer battles. Unfortunately some of the treasures have curses on them, and they will get you in a lot of trouble. A curse can entail many things: your ship can get full of water or befriended pirates are flying overboard of your ship, it can all happen in Sea of Thieves!

Fight against legendary creatures

In your search for treasures and power over the seven seas you will also encounter wild animals and other exotic creatures; they will cross your path, and will make your road to success very difficult. You will also encounter fellow pirates who have died during battles; these skeletons travel in packs, and will use their weapons to bring your adventures to a halt.

Create your own world

As a gamer you are free to be the pirate that you want to be. Go on a tour of exploration in an oceanic environment, search for treasures, collect objects and make sure your ships have enough stock for you to survive all your trials and tribulations. You are the master of the game.


Sea of Thieves unfolds in a world that needs to be shared and is especially developed by Rare Ltd. For this game, and that means that Sea of Thieves is quite the challenge. The gameplay of this game is based on co-op gaming, so it is your crew against the other players of this game. In Sea of Thieves you will experience crazy adventures in an elaborate fantasy world full of mystery and monstrous creatures. You can also solve puzzles and riddles in this game, but you can also plunder; you are the boss in this game. You can experience this game in 4K definition (only on Xbox One X).
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