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Skull & Bones

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The Golden Age of Piracy

In the game Skull & Bones you can relive the Golden Age of Piracy. There are rebellious pirate captains that lead battleships, and in that time these were the most powerful weapons on earth. In this game you are a newbie when it comes down to being a captain, and you have defied your king. This is a thing you were better of not doing, but you did it anyway, and now you have made your bed, and you have to lay in it. You drift of to Caribbean waters to find treasures and wealth beyond believe in this area, but you did not take into account that treasures in open territories also mean that you will come across trade federations and other pirates that want their share. In this regard, everybody feels entitled to at least some part of the wealth. It is up to you to shake of your competition, and to become the Pirate King you always longed to be.

The release date of Skull & Bones is in 2019. This game will be released on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

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Pirate battles with RPG elements

In Skull & Bones you engage yourself in pirate battles with RPG elements. You choose the class of pirate ship you would like to command and win battles with, so you can become a success in your own right. Needless to say that you can invent your own way of playing this game; you are the boss when it comes down to the gameplay, and this game offers you many option and tactics to become the pirate that you want to be. Shielded away in a hide-out you can recruit new crew, you can adjust your ship, and you can hear all rumours about you and your team of fellow pirates. After every successful heist your chances of becoming a great pirate increase, and your reputation will become more and more notorious. Eventually other players will start defying you, and they will challenge you to battle them or to work together with them. You r successes will depend on your tactics and your reputation.
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Sea battles with a hint of Assassin’s Creed gameplay

Experience tons of cool gameplay elements that were developed by the same team that was responsible for the sea battles in the Assassin’s Creed game franchise. You can make use of the innovative wind system of this game to sail swifter, to shoot further, to avoid attacks, to position ships, and to eventually end-up as the winner of the battles. Search for enemies, and go and look for weak spots at the ships of your enemies. In short, there are many things to experience in Skull & Bones.

Play alone or in the multiplayer mode

Play this game in single and multiplayer mode. Discover in Skull & Bones a world that lives and breathes, because every action means that the surroundings of the game changes while playing the game, just like the real world would do. You can hire, and work together with others to reach your goals. Steal or share your finds, but be aware, because every action has a reaction. There are even creatures living in the depths of the sea…

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Skull & Bones provides a constant challenge

In Skull & Bones you are being challenged all the time to battle in order to rise to the top. Because the game world is ever-changing, you need to change your skills accordingly, and your fellow pirates as well. There is always something to execute in this game, from great new territories to discover up to battling and robbing your enemies. With every battle won your reputation grows more, but you also have to keep in mind that the price that is being put on your head.

Source: Ubisoft North America

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