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Splatoon 2: Octo Expansion

Nintendo has been very generous lately when it comes down to producing and giving away free content and downloadable expansions for their success formula Splatoon 2. Soon “Splatoon 2: Octo Expansion” will get its release. This expansion is enormous. It is a single-player mode that is meant specifically for Splatoon 2. The only thing is that you need to pay for this Splatoon 2 expansion!

This downloadable content will exclusively get a release on Nintendo Switch on June 14th 2018.

The introduction of a new character

In this Octo Expansion a new character will be introduced, and this character looks an awful lot like an Octoling. In the single-player mode of this expansion you need to fight your way through eighty mysterious underground test facilities, and by doing so your goal is to reach the surface of Inkopolis.

Multiplayer battles are optional

When you have escaped the maze-like depths of the test facilities you can compete in optional multiplayer gameplay like a true Octoling.

Features of the Octo Expansion summarized

Hereby we put all the features of the Octo Expansion underneath each other, but do not be mistaken, because this Splatoon 2 expansion is the one you really need on your Nintendo Switch!
  • Play as a new character with the name Agent 8. This character looks like an Octoling. She is a character with amnesia, and needs to puzzle her own life up to then together.
  • Fight your way through an enormous underground world, and finish multiple missions.
  • Expect fully new stories and get to see well-known characters from the Splatoon games from a whole different side. Expect a deep story with a deep meaning.
  • Fight yourself out of the test facilities, and you can start the multiplayer mode as an Octoling.
Source: Nintendo

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