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Strange Brigade


Puzzles and horror

In Strange Brigade you can play in co-op mode to make the story campaign of this game a great success. This game consists out of puzzle and horror elements.

The strange story of Strange Brigade

The story of Strange Brigade is a little “strange” as you might have figured out already. In the British kingdom there are isolated spots places are darker than others, some even pitch black. Only the Strange Brigade can trespass these areas , and they can battle supernatural creatures that live in these specific areas.

You will leave for a dangerous, exotic safari. You will go to places most do not dare to enter, and the ones who did never returned from their adventure. Discover mysterious civilizations, explore tombs full of booby traps. Battle against evil forces, and try to turn the tide to save the world.

Features van Strange Brigade

  • Choose out of four adventurers: Each character has his or her own special powers, weapons and tactics.
  • An exciting adventure placed in the 1930’s: Experience a great adventure that is meant for up to four players. This game is full of action, traps, and storylines.
  • Huge monstrous legions: Fight against an army of mythological threats that have been unleashed on earth by an evil Egyptian ruler with the name Seteki the Witch Queen.
  • Go and look for hidden treasures: Go and look for secret caves, and for wealth and riches beyond belief. Go off-road, but do not step into dangerous traps which are everywhere in this game.

Source: Rebellion

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