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Tekken 7

The Tekken franchise already exists for twenty years, and Tekken 7 is the ninth instalment in the franchise (this includes the spin-offs) and this means that the producers of Tekken, Namco Bandai Entertainment, have made a high-energy killer feast out of their last instalment with lots of new features and playable characters!
The legendary Tekken franchise will return for the seventh time on June 2nd 2017 as the ultimate world-leading fighting-game! On that day Tekken 7 will be playable on PS4, Xbox One and PC (through Steam)!
During the announcement of the new Tekken instalment Namco Bandai already announced that the tone of the seventh game will be much darker than ever before. In Tekken 7 gamers will experience the glorious final chapter in the Mishima family feud, and one can discover the truth behind the years of fighting of the Mishimas in the Tekken Tournament.

Razor-sharp realistic graphics

For the first time Tekken 7 will be supported by the Unreal Engine 4 and will be marked by epic fights and elaborate high-energy duels. You can even experience Tekken 7 with friends who can play as your worst enemies combined with a new fighting system.

An overload of playable characters

Tekken 7 will contain a list of over thirty playable characters, with ten new characters and many classic characters which made the Tekken franchise into the well-known fighting-game it is these days. All characters can make use of a combination of a great number of moves, and all-together they build up to the greatest number of moves database a fighting-game has ever seen. This means that you get a lot of freedom in the way you will enter and win battles. Discover deadly tactics, fighting moves and combinations of attacks which will make each and every battle into a great success!

The Street Fighter cross-over

Right out of the Street Fighter franchise Akuma will battle his way into the Tekken universe. Akuma will be the first cross-over character in Tekken history. This cross-over character will bring his shoto moves and fire balls to the Tekken arena, and he will battle it out until the very end.

New gameplay

Of course you can battle 1-on-1 in Tekken 7, but there is also new content when it comes down to this instalment’s tournament gameplay, including new moves:

  • Rage Arts: Gamers can give powerful blows to their opponents whenever gamers have 30% of energy in their power gauge.

  • Power Crushes:You can keep on executing your coolest moves on your opponents, even when you get attacked yourself.

  • Rage Drives: Gamers can boost their attacks, but the Rage Mode gauge will suffer from it.

Update 05-30-2017:

  • From June 16th 2017 onward a new edition of the Tekken World Tour will start in the U.S.A. The competitions will be played online and physically to find the greatest Tekken 7 player of the world. The Grand Final will be played in November 2017, and the winner will not only win the title, but also a cash-prize of 200,000 dollar. This tournament will be sponsored by the well-known social media platform Twitch.
  • Pre-ordering Tekken 7 means that you will get the fighting character Eliza for free. The PlayStation 4 version of Tekken 7 will have exclusive "Legacy" costumes featuring costumes from previous Tekken games together with the Jukebox Mode. The Xbox One version will instead have a download code for the previous fighting-game, Tekken 6.

Bron: Bandai Namco Entertainment America

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