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Tennis World Tour

Forget FIFA for now, and focus on tennis World Tour, the number 1 tennis game of the world! Tennis World Tour is the new benchmark in simulation games that is going to take-over the world of eSports by storm.
From Federer, Monfils up to Zverev en Kyrgios, they are all represented in Tennis World Tour, because this sports game contains all the current master tennis players within the tennis circuit. You can play solo, but you can also play a double match. You can create your own style in this tennis game, and by doing so you can play your way to the top of the world ranking.

Tennis World Tour, or the sequel to Top Spin 4

Before Top Spin 4 was seen as the best tennis game ever made, but the release of Tennis World Tour will be a huge game-changer, because this game has the advantage that it has been developed by Breakpoint, a company that has the main designers of Top Spin 4 as its employees.

  • 30 top tennis players of the international tennis circuit. Play as Roger Federer, Angelique Kerber, and of course many other tennis legends.
  • Perfect renders of real-life tennis players. To develop this tennis game professionals made use of advanced motion capture technology, but also photogrammetry. In short, this game will make you feel like you are actually playing a match with real-life top tennis players.
  • Play different game modes, e.g. friendly matches and World Tours, but also 1-versus-1 matches and 2-versus-2 championships. Next to this, you can play online or solo.
  • Play the career mode. Practice a lot, play tournaments, manage your staff, buy new gear, and become a top tennis player.
  • Play tactical and strategic. Choose the skills you think are important to rise to the top of the online world ranking, and become a master online tennis player.
  • This game is developed to play against each other. Next to putting in the effort to rank as the best online tennis player of the world, you can also play matches on a weekly bases that have specific missions and goals.

Source: Bigben Games

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