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The Crew 2


Welcome in Motornation!

Getting acquainted with Motornation in The Crew 2; Motornation is off course the USA. In this game you are going to race through gigantic, varied, action-packed and beautiful landscapes, which seem to be meant to get the best out of racing challenges. In short, the US is the territory that is all about motor racing. Enjoy air manoeuvres, ground races, and compete in the wildest races by the sea. Compete with other gamers in different types of disciplines by going from coast to coast. Challenge yourself to compete in street races, but also in pro-races. Become an off-road adventurer or a freestyler. The Crew is all about giving the best you have got, to challenge your skills and to become the most well-rounded motor sports champion.

Challenge yourself

In The Crew 2 you challenge yourself to create new boundaries on the most epic racing grounds one could ever imagine. Fly through mist above the Rocky Mountains, drive through the slums of New York City, get your sailing on the Mississippi River, and be mesmerized by the Grand Canyon. Go behind the wheel of your dream car, drive on legendary American motorcycles, control fast aircrafts and motor boats. Bust a move on the greatest race spots in the USA.

Become a world champion and surpass yourself

Become a member of either four motor sports families that can be found in the USA. These families are: the street and pro-racers, off-road experts and the freestylers. These families make sure that you have the newest vehicles, they will introduce you to the motor sports culture, and the different types of disciplines there are in motor sports. By competing in competitions and by meeting the right people you can improve your style, you can customize your vehicles, you create your own headquarters, and you are going to make a name for yourself in the great American motor sports world.

Share and learn how to dominate

You can share your unique accomplishments with other gamers. Every time you achieve something in Motornation it will be saved as a challenge for other gamers to make sure that other gamers can experience your specific challenges. By pressing a button you can play through your accomplishments, it is as easy as that in The Crew 2!

This game will be released on June 29th 2018 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

Source: Ubisoft North America

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