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The Outer Worlds

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Travel to the edge of the galaxy and explore the settlements of Halcyon! Step into your spaceship and gather your crew in this single player science fiction RPG. The Outer Worlds will be released on 25 October 2019 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC via the Microsoft Store and Epic Store.
The Outer Worlds world

A sci-fi version of Fallout: Las Vegas?

As you might already know, the creator of The Outer Worlds, Obsidian, is also the company behind Fallout: Las Vegas. Developed by someone other than Fallout-owner Bethesda, this game was a huge success, mostly thanks to its fantastic storytelling and the world you could explore. The Outer World seems to be largely inspired by this game, but with a new sci-fi twist. In The Outer Worlds, you will have to travel to and explore all of Halcyon – a dangerous colonised group of planets.
The Outer Worlds hero, villain or psycho

Will you become a hero, villain or a bit psycho?

The choice is yours in The Outer Worlds. You start this game by creating a character. You can customise your characters to your every wish. You will also be meeting other space travellers who would like to join you. They all have their unique skills, motivations and even missions. It is up to you to help them achieve their goals or turn them to your own ends.

A player-driven story

The Outer Worlds is a game in which your choices heavily impact the story. There is no cookie-cutter story waiting for you, in this sci-fi RPG, you decide what happens next. These choices do not only affect the story, but also your character development. The game keeps a close eye on what you are good and bad at. For example, do you struggle to defend yourself from Raptidons? Then you will be given an ‘i’m-bad-with-raptidons’ label and your skills will be debuffed when you come face to face with these creatures. However, you will be rewarded with an additional character trait. This helps you build the character you want to be. The approach you will be taking also depends on your mood; will you go in guns a-blazing, or do you go for a verbal course of action? Both are possible and both will lead the story to a different direction.
The Outer Worlds story
The Outer Worlds Ellie
The Outer Worlds Raptidons
The Outer Worlds

Use a game card and start playing right away

Do you want to begin your sci-fi adventure when 25 October 2019 comes around? Then it is best if you purchase the game digitally using your in-game balance. Buy a PlayStation Network Card, Xbox Gift Card or Windows Gift Card and easily transfer funds to your gaming account!
Source: Obsidian Entertainment

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