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The Sims 4


Your favourite real-life simulation characters are back in The Sims 4!

It was a long wait before this fourth instalment in The Sims franchise was announced, because a full Sims game is always precedented by numerous expansions and editions of the original, before a new game is actually announced. Earlier this year The Sims 4 was released for PC, but on November 17th 2017 The Sims will make its return on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.
Just like other Sims games you, as a gamer, will be the one who creates the world of your Sims and you are responsible for the reactions and choices of your Sims; you can give them their own character and (matching) appearance. With the building mode of The Sims 4 you can build exclusive virtual houses, in which you can decide everything, from the designs up to the decorations. Like in previous instalments you can build relation with other Sims, you can go to work and have a career, but you can also explore new neighbourhoods and even visit festivals or other events. Imagine and build a world that you can be proud of and rule over your version of Utopia.

Game features

  • Create unique Sims characters: You can give each and every Sim unique features, but also a unique appearance and true emotions. You can even go as far as deciding on the hair of your Sims, his or her style of walking and clothing. Give your Sim a purpose in life by deciding on his her skills and personality. You also have power of the minds, bodies and hearts of your Sims.

  • Build a great house for your Sims: Build houses for your Sims with the new building system of The Sims 4, and make sure that your house looks great on the inside, but also outside. Be a great builder! Design the house of your Sims, and decorate it with objects, furniture, landscapes, and decide on the location of your house or mansion.

  • Explore the world around you: Travel in-between worlds and discover lively neighbourhoods, and participate in great events. Your Sims can discover new worlds, and by doing so they can become more social. You can chill in the park, but you can also find and collect new items.

  • Be the king of your own world: Be one with your Sims during important milestones in their lives, e.g. in their career or when it comes down to their relationships. Your Sims depend on your choices, from birth until adulthood. You can also develop the characteristics of your Sims, and you can even discover new hobbies.
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