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The Walking Dead: The Final Season

On August 14th 2018 the fourth season, and last, season of Telltales version of The Walking Dead will be released on PlayStation 4, PC and Xbox One. The first season of this game franchise dates back from 2012.

The story

About this fourth story in the franchise, the last chapter, gamers will play as Clementine again in her struggle to survive the zombie apocalypse. Clementine will fight of the undead, but also other survives that all struggle with the same types of problems, and want to survive the best they can. In this fourth season Clementine gets accompanied by the child that she adopted in season two. This child also learns through the choices that Clementine makes, so as a gamer you have a massive control over this game.
Telltale says the following about this fourth instalment in the Walking Dead video game series: “Clementine is hardened, but most of all strategic survivor, who entered the last stage in het survival trip. By now she has driven most of her life, looking for a safe haven for her and her adopted child. She has fought the undead and other survivors. An abandoned school is her safe spot, and maybe this is the place where she can eventually grow old. She needs to protect her new fortress, and by doing so she also needs to sacrifice a lot of things. Clementine is looking for a way to reboot her life, and to become the leader she was always destined to become. Next to this, she needs to take care of her child. In this engaging, emotional, last season you will need to work on your relations with other characters in the game, you need to fight the undead, and when all is said and done you will see how the story of Clementine ends eventually.”

A new game perspective

In the lastest, and final chapter, of the Telltale Walking Dead game series you will notice that the game perspective has changed, because you will have an over-the-shoulder-view of all things going on in this game. You can control Clementine better than ever before, and you can use this new perspective to discover more about your surroundings. Next to this, there are more unscripted battles in this fourth instalment. There is also a new visual style, that is accompanied by the possibility to play in 4k resolution and on HDR monitors.
Source: Telltale Games

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