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How do I redeem my WoW Time Card?

With a WoW Time Card for US accounts you can explore the world of Azeroth, complete quests, go on a raid adventure and grind all you want for 60 days straight. Have you never used a Time Card before and are unsure on how to exchange this Time Card for playing time? No worries, we have created an instruction guide for you in which we explain how to redeem this Time Card. Are you ready to enter the world of Azeroth?

You need a account to activate this Time Card. Don’t have an account yet? Then read our instruction guide: How do I create a account? first.

Activate your US WoW Time Card via

You can redeem your WoW Time Card via the website. Follow the steps below to activate your card and gain access to your World of Warcraft account for 60 days.

  1. Go to the website and log in to Blizzard;
  2. At your Account Overview go to Redeem a code;
  3. Enter your code here and click Redeem code;
  4. That is all! Your code has now been added to your account. Have fun :).

Do you need help?

Do you need help redeeming the code? Or do you have other questions? You can always contact us! Call, mail, App or chat with our Customer Service, we love to help a gamer in need. The Customer Service department is available from Monday to Friday from 08:00 – 17:00.

In the weekends, our Customer Service is limited to email responses only.

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