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League of Legends Card $50

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  • Immediately add 7200 Riot Points to your account
  • Purchase in-game items, extra XP and cool skins
  • Get your game codes instantly from Gamecardsdirect
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€ 50,00


  • Purchase Riot points with a value of 50 dollars in the game League of Legends.
  • Immediately obtain 7200 Riot Points.
  • Valid for most LoL servers in the USA.
  • Buy virtual items.
  • Cash register check-out with PayPal or credit card and receive your ordered code within seconds.
  • This card is valid for exactly one year!

LoL 7200 Riot Points Card:

LoL is a video game which can be only played online. LoL is often compared to a chess game. Two teams of 3-5 players battle each other in this video game. Each team has a Nexus; goal of the game is to conquer and destroy each other’s Nexus.

In this video game you can earn gold with your game character, with this gold you can buy items in the game, e.g. swords, which give your character an update and thus a boost.

To purchase LoL Points:

Riot Points prepaid Cards of League of Legends you buy safe and swift in our web shop, The number one in video game cards! Add a Riot Points Card to your shopping cart and choose the matter of payment you would like to use. Fill out your full name and e-mail address, finish your order and the LoL Points will be in your mail box instantly.

To use League of Legends Points:

Using your League of Legends Card is simple. Simply follow the steps underneath!

  1. Go to the LoL client. In case you do not have an account yet, go to the following page,;
  2. Click “Store”;
  3. Click “Purchase RP”;
  4. Choose “Prepaid Card” and fill-out the redeem code;
  5. Click “Submit” and the Riot Points will immediately appear in your account.
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