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Fun Nintendo games for young children

baby mario
Nintendo; the Japanese company that created the most popular game franchises of all times like Mario, Pokémon and Kirby, specialises in making games for young children. Whether you were a Nintendo fan back in the day or not, introducing Nintendo to the next generation is a very good thing. Would you like to have your children explore the wonderful world of Nintendo themselves, but do not know which games are appropriate? In this blog post, we will highlight 4 games for the Nintendo Switch and 3DS that are great for young children.

These consoles are also ideal when you go travelling with children. Are you planning on going on holiday this summer? Then don’t forget to pack your Nintendo console! The following Nintendo games are suitable for children from the age 3 and up.

Super Mario Maker 2 – Switch

This was a hard choice, seeing as simply every Mario game is great for both young and old gamers! However, Super Mario Maker 2 is a fun new arrival and definitely appropriate for young gamers. In this game, you are the one who decides what your Mario world is going to look like and will be given all the tools necessary to create exciting, complicated and artsy levels. Tired of only building levels? Then start playing the story mode in which you help out Princess Peach (again), or test the creations of other players from all over the world. In either case, your child can release all its creativity in Super Mario Maker 2 on the Nintendo Switch! Besides, it’s also a nostalgic experience for parents who played Super Mario in their younger years ;).

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super mario maker 2
animal crossing new leaf

Animal Crossing – Switch, 3DS and smartphones

Does your child keep begging you to get a pet, but are you not ready to take on that responsibility? Then a game from the Animal Crossing series is ideal! The player takes on the job of mayor in a small town inhabited by cute animal friends. It is mostly about exploring the town, talking to the furry residents and organising various activities. And another pro: the animals will not starve if your child does not play for a few days! Does Animal Crossing sound like a game your child would like? Then you can purchase New Horizons for the Switch as of 20 March 2020, and New Leaf for the 3DS (3D mode for ages 7+) in the Nintendo eShop.

Would you like to go for something cheaper? The game Animal Crossing: Pocket CampAnimal Crossing: Pocket Camp is free to play on tablets and smartphones.

Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn – 3DS

Kirby is probably a familiar face for most gamer parents, but this time the pink blob is sporting a new look. Kirby’s Extra Epic Yarn is an adventure game for the Nintendo 3DS with a Kirby made of yarn in the spotlight. It is up to Kirby to sew Patch Land back together and stop the evil wizard Yin-Yarn who is determined to split the land into several pieces. You will travel to various locations and use Kirby’s yarn abilities to discover hidden places and collect shiny beads. Is your child not afraid of a challenge? Then play Kirby’s Extra Epic Yarn in the Devilish Mode!
kirby's extra epic yarn spel nintendo 3ds
pokémon let's go pikachu en eevee spel

Pokémon : Let’s Go, Eevee en Pikachu! – Switch

It is never too early to raise your child as a Pokémon Trainer! Pokémon: Let’s Go Eevee and Let’s Go Pikachu are the perfect games to start your training with. Does your child love watching the old or new Pokémon series? Then he/she will love this game. Your kid will have to catch and take care of Pokémon as he/she travels through Japan. The use of Joy-Cons to catch Pokémon makes the experience even better. Are you convinced your kid will love this game? Then you only have one difficult decision left to make: will you go for Eevee or Pikachu…

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