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Oculus Quest Review

Written by: Maud
A co-worker at Gamecardsdirect had decided to purchase the Oculus Quest, and was very kind to share this experience with his amazing colleagues. So, last week I tried Virtual Reality for the first time (yep)! In this review I will describe my experience.
Oculus Quest set

Look and feel

The way the VR set sits on your head is a lot more comfortable than I expected. The headset has a soft lining and there are enough ways to tighten it. This is also important for your vision, as it might be blurry if your headset is not tight enough. Luckily, you can also make a few changes to your vision and it should even be possible to wear glasses. After playing for a while, I did notice that it was quite heavy (especially for the first time), but it is something you could get used to. Besides, it is recommended that you do not play too long. And make sure to take the headset off at least half an hour before leaving the house, as you most likely experience the so-called ‘Oculus face’ (red marks on your skin)…


The Oculus Quest is wireless, and I think that is one of the many great decisions made by the creators. Although I have not tried a VR set with cables, I can imagine it does not let you move as freely as the Quest does. The battery also lasts long enough to play for a few hours.

Oculus Quest move freely
Oculus Quest no wires

First impression

My first impression of the Oculus Quest was amazing. Everything is so sharp and it looks like you have entered an entirely new universe. You begin in a sort of dome with a lobby, complete with fireplace, lounge chairs and the view of other domes. You can draw a ‘guardian’ that determines where your playing area is. The Quest also remembers this quardian, so the next time you play you will not have to draw it again. The controls are very straightforward, you can use the triggers to click on something and with a useful dot, you can see what you are pointing towards. In front of you, you will see the game library and it is up to you to decide with which game to start your VR experience.

Oculus Quest play between the lines


Unfortunately, you cannot enjoy a limitless number of games with the Oculus Quest. There are however a few fun games that can be downloaded for free!
Oculus first contact
  • First Steps/ Contact - This game is short but great for first time VR headset users. It gave me the opportunity to get familiar with the controls and my surroundings. The reception area of the Oculus Quest is already very impressive, but when I started playing First Steps, all I could say was ‘Ooh’ and ‘Aah’. You stand eye to eye with an adorable little robot that gives you all types of floppy disks to try out. Definitely recommend!
Oculus Bogo
  • Bogo - Although I have not played this game that long, I was instantly hooked. You enter a jungle-like world and meet a super cute animal that you can pet, brush and feed. I instantly thought “Yay, a real Tamagochi!”. There are minigames in which you, for example, have to throw fruit through a floating ring and the animal will eat them. This game seems great if you want to take it easy with the VR.
Oculus Epic Roller Coasters
  • Epic Roller Coasters - I am sucker for rollercoasters; I live for the shot of adrenaline you get from a big drop. Epic Roller Coasters was therefore a game I knew I had to try and it is really cool! You can choose from a few free tracks that all have a different theme. The coasters are over the top but designed in a way that you really get the feeling you are in a rollercoaster. Make sure to have a seat though, as there is a big chance you could tip over! ;).
We will be testing more games on the Oculus Quest soon, like Beat Saber and SUPERHOT, so definitely something to look forward to! The Oculus Quest is available for €449 for 64GB and €549 for 128GB.

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