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Top 5 smartphone apps of 2017

The employees at Online Gamecard Services use their smartphones a lot (in their free time of course). Apps are almost indispensable on a smartphone with Android or iOS. They make your life easier and more fun. As the end of 2017 approaches, we came together to create a list of 5 apps that were essential in 2017. Below you will find our top 5 smartphone apps of 2017, according to Online Gamecard Services.

5. Datally (Android)

Still afraid of the over usage of your smartphone plan? You do not have to worry anymore, because there is the Datally app for mobile phones! In our office we use Datally as our phone manager, so we can manage all calls, messages, etc. as thoroughly as we possibly can. Datally has been developed by Google, and is a great tool for everyone who needs a better insight about his or her data usage, and finances surrounding these types of costs. Datally does not only store what apps are using which part of your phone plan, but it also blocks apps that are using your plan for no apparent reason, so no excuses to surpass your plan limit anymore.

4. Clips (iOS)

Clips can be best described as a mix of iMovie and Snapchat. Clips can only be used on the Apple iPhone. This app lets its users make short movies from clips that you have filmed or made photos of; next to this, you can add many things to your short-films, e.g. augmented reality effects, the coolest filters, automatic captions that are driven by an A.I., but also many emojis. We cannot stop making silly captures of each other! Hilarious!

3. Ballz (iOS and Android)

Once upon a time there was a puzzle game with the name Tetris, but in 2017 Ballz entered our mobile lives, and we had nowhere to hide, because this mobile game hit us by storm on iOs and Android. One thing is for sure though, once you start playing this game on your mobile device you are instantly hooked, and you can not put the game away. The gameplay is quite simple, with a ball you strategically need to get rid of blocks. It sounds very simple, but believe us, it is tricky and challenging, and thus all the more addictive. We do get why this game is in our top 5, because we almost lost our fingers because of playing this game way too much. Absolutely marvellous, a true gem on this list!

2. Astro (iOS and Android)

Astro is an e-mail app, but with a build-in chatbot. This app offers a new way to manage your e-mail as efficiently as possible. This app offers all tools you need to plan your e-mail as handy as you possibly can, it offers many apparels, e.g. different inboxes, controls you can use with hand gestures, an e-mail planner, and the possibility to put some e-mails on “snooze”, but why is the Astro app the one that you need, and the one that will make your e-mails as easy as can be? Astro has an assistant that learns while you use the app, this means that this app is getting customized while you simply make use of it; it learns from your way of using the app. At some point you will be able to unsubscribe yourself from nasty newsletters, you will receive reminder e-mails, and you make your own VIP contact list. We are huge fans, especially the colleagues who have more than two e-mail inboxes to manage!

1. Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp (iOS and Android)

In 2017 a hint of nostalgia entered our smartphones, because Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp was released on iOS and Android. It was the second game of Nintendo for smartphones, because Super Mario Run had already paved the way on mobile platforms, and Nintendo is working on releasing more games on mobile platforms in the very near future. Pocket Camp is about creating a camping where all your happy Animal Crossing friends have a camp-out. You can visit the camping areas of other gamers, which makes this specific game very social, and thus ideal for mobile gaming. We have been playing this game for weeks now, and we cannot stop building, visiting, and camping. Is this game addictive? Most definitely! Nintendo does it again, with their own unique style!

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