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  • Binance Gift Card

    Buy, trade and hold 600+ cryptocurrencies with Binance! Safe and simple with Binance giftcards.

    Binance Gift Card

Binance Gift Cards

14 results
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Binance Gift Card 1 USDT

€ 1,04
Delivery via email

Binance Gift Card 2 USDT

€ 2,08
Delivery via email

Binance Gift Card 5 USDT

€ 5,15
Delivery via email

Binance Gift Card 10 USDT

€ 10,55
Delivery via email

Binance Gift Card 20 USDT

€ 20,99
Delivery via email

Binance Gift Card 50 USDT

€ 50,99
Delivery via email

Binance Gift Card 100 USDT

€ 101,99
Delivery via email

Binance Gift Card 1 BUSD

€ 1,04
Delivery via email

Binance Gift Card 2 BUSD

€ 2,08
Delivery via email

Binance Gift Card 5 BUSD

€ 5,15
Delivery via email

Binance Gift Card 10 BUSD

€ 10,55
Delivery via email

Binance Gift Card 20 BUSD

€ 20,99

Buy crypto currency with a Binance Gift Card

With a Binance Gift Card you can buy all sorts of crypto currency with USDT (Tether), like: Ethereum and Bitcoin. Get to learn about crypto currency or buy new crypto coins when you know already a lot about them.

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How do you buy a Binance Gift Card at Gamecardsdirect?

Buying a Binance Gift Card at Gamecardsdirect is quick, easy, and most of all very safe. Follow the steps below:

  1. Choose which Binance Gift Card you would like to buy, and put it in your digital shopping cart. Click on “Order Securely”;
  2. Fill out the requested information, so that we know where to send the code to;
  3. Pay with one of the many payment options we offer;
  4. After mere minutes you will receive your order by email.

Binance gift cards: Crypto for dummies

Wondering how to easily step into the world of Crypto without any in-depth knowledge? Binance gift cards are simple to use and most importantly, secure. You simply purchase the Binance gift card at Gamecardsdirect, the one-stop gift card shop!

In addition, the Binance gift card is ideal to give as a gift to any novice crypto trader. Sometimes it can be difficult to give a valuable gift, and of course you want to give something valuable. A Binance gift card is an original way to surprise someone with a gift.

What is Tether?

Tether is the most widespread digital coin and is the pioneer of digital tokens. Tether tokens support growing businesses and innovation within the blockchain community. These tokens are built on multiple blockchains.

Buy Tether with a Binance Gift Card

Want to buy crypto but don't know how? No worries! Binance offers many options. You can easily buy Tether(USDT) with the lowest cost and highest security anywhere Binance is available. Learn now how to buy Tether(USDT) with the Binance app.

  1. Create a free account on the Binance website or app. Your Binance account acts as a gateway to buying crypto. But before you can buy Tether(USDT), you need to open an account and verify your identification.
  2. Choose how you want to buy the Tether(USDT) asset. Click on the 'Buy Crypto'' link at the top left of the Binance website navigation, which will show the options available in your country. Simply use a Binance Gift Card, that way you are not tied to a credit card.
  3. Confirm your order. You have 1 minute to confirm your order at the current price. After 1 minute your order is recalculated based on the current market price. You can click Refresh to see the new order amount.
  4. Store or use your Tether(USDT) in Binance. Now that you've bought your crypto, you can store it in your personal crypto wallet or just keep it in your Binance account. You can also trade it for other crypto or bet on Binance Earn for passive income.

What is BUSD?

Crypto company Binance releases its own so called “stablecoin” (what this exactly is you can read below); this stablecoin is backed by the USA dollar. The Binance BUSD is abbreviated as “BUSD”, and the ambition of Binance is to become the biggest altcoin company in the world. By the way, “altcoin” means that it is a substitute for existing money. The Binance BUSD (BUSD) will be covered by the USA dollar currency in a central bank institute, and will be published on the network of Ethereum. The BUSD currency will be published by the platform Paxos; through this platform the BUSD can be 1:1 exchanged for “real” USA dollars.

What is a stablecoin?

A stablecoin is a crypto that is linked to so called “fiat currency”, these are currencies like euros or dollars. Binance USD is a stablecoin that is very popular at the moment and it has about the same exchange rate as a dollar or euro. This crypto currency is connected to a steady stable exchange rate and secures value stability.

When we go deeper into the subject of “stablecoin”, we can say the following about it: euros, like we know them right now, derive from the Central European Bank, but with crypto currency this works differently, because crypto are not issued by one designated central organ; crypto is being issued by a decentralized model that works through a specified protocol. In this protocol, that is linked to crypto currencies, there is a content that states very clearly the inflation percentage and how many crypto coins can be traded. With “stablecoins” things work differently, these are linked to a centralized model, because they only have one issuer, and this issuer ensures that the stablecoin are covered by real fiat currency, like the euro or dollar.

What are the advantages of a stablecoin?

Stablecoin has several advantages, which ones you can read below:

  • In the word “stablecoin” you can distillate 2 separate English words, which are “stable”, which means “something that will not change”, and the word “coin”. In regard to stablecoin, we can say that it stands for a crypto currency that it is stable when it comes down to inflation and value.
  • You can trade super quick with stablecoin, and the value remains the same. Other crypto currency work with intermediaries, like brokers, that have to exchange the value into money on an exchange.

Why would you want to buy stablecoin?

Above you can read about all sorts of varied reasons why you should buy stablecoin, but below we do want to explain it summarized again, so that you are well-informed about what stablecoin exactly are.

First thing: Diverse types of crypto currencies have different exchange rates, and they are not inflation-proof, so you can make a lot of money with them, but you can also lose a lot, which is horrifying, and does not provide you with a sense of being safe.

Second thing: You can trade extremely fast with stablecoin, like Binance USD (BUSD), because there is no need for intermediaries, like brokers, who need to exchange crypto into money on an exchange.

How can I get information about my Binance Gift Card credit?

You can get information about the credit on your Binance account by logging in to your account. You can create your account by logging in on the website of Binance, click here to do so.

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How long does a Binance Gift Card stay valid?

A Binance Gift Card code is valid for up to 1 year. Make sure to redeem your Binance Gift Card within that time limit.

How can I reach the customer service of Binance?

When you want to contact Binance, get in touch here.

Country Language

Your choice of country ensures that we can offer you the right products and payment methods. Make sure that this matches the country of the account(s) on which you want to redeem the product.