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  • Nintendo eShop Cards

    With a Nintendo eShop Card you can easily add credit to your eWallet and buy the best games!

    Nintendo eShop Cards

Nintendo eShop Cards

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Are you looking for the manual of Nintendo Gift Cards? You can now find it here, by clicking on any Gift Card and selecting the tab "Redeem Instructions".

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What is a Nintendo eShop Card?

A Nintendo eShop Card is a digital card in the form of a code that allows you to top up your credit with Nintendo and then use your digital credits to buy all kinds of products from Nintendo eShop, such as: DLCs, in-game credits, as well as Nintendo Online. So you pay with normal money to buy digital credits with which you can then buy digital products.

What Nintendo eShop Cards does Gamecardsdirect offer?

Gamecardsdirect offers Nintendo eShop Cards of different values, below is a list of which values.

Are Nintendo eShop Cards region-specific?

Nintendo eShop Cards are region-specific, this means that e.g. the Dutch eShop Cards cannot be used in another country. Please keep this in mind when ordering a Nintendo eShop card from us, make sure you order the eShop Card that is valid in your country.

What is Nintendo eShop?

The Nintendo eShop is Nintendo's digital shop. In this eShop, you can buy various products to make your Nintendo console experience even more fun. You can browse to Nintendo eShop via the Nintendo app on your mobile phone, by browsing to Nintendo's website or using the app on your Nintendo console. In the Nintendo eShop, you can buy various products, such as:

  • Games - Buy a Digital game from the eShop, it always stays on your account. You can delete it and add it again later and continue playing where you left off.
  • DLCs - DLCs (Downloadable Content) are extra levels, missions, utilities or characters you can play with in a game; sometimes DLCs stand for completely different things in a game. DLCs are mainly meant to make a game experience even greater or more adventurous.
  • In-game credits - Buy in-game credits for your games from Nintendo eShop. With these in-game credits, you can buy new missions, weapons, characters, and much more in many games.
  • Nintendo Online - With Nintendo Online, you can go online with your Nintendo console, allowing you to play online multiplayer games, use Nintendo retro gaming, and much more.

What is Nintendo?

Nintendo is a console and game developer that has been guaranteeing the coolest gaming consoles and video games since the 1980s. Nintendo's biggest mascot is the well-known character Super Mario, who has been featured in the gaming world since the 1970s. Over the years, Nintendo has created many consoles and games that have legendary status, such as: the various editions of the Gameboy handheld, as well as the (Super) NES and the Nintendo Wii; in addition, Nintendo is known for The Legend of Zelda game franchise, as well as Animal Crossing, Kirby, Smash Bros, and many more well-known gaming names.

Does Gamecardsdirect offer more products from Nintendo?

Yes, we offer more products from Nintendo, such as: DLCs, in-game credits and Nintendo Online. Check out our webshop for these products.

How do you buy Nintendo eShop Cards at Gamecardsdirect?

Nintendo eShop Cards can be purchased quickly, easily and above all very securely at Gamecardsdirect. Choose for which amount you want to buy Nintendo credit and put this product in your digital basket in our webshop. Fill in some details so we know who to send your purchase to. Pay with one of the many payment options we offer in our webshop and already within seconds you will receive your purchase by e-mail. By the way, you can also buy a Nintendo code for someone else, for example as a gift; let us know in the ordering process, so we can make sure there is a nice digital gift wrapping around your present.

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Nintendo eShop Card FAQ

With a Nintendo eShop Card, you can increase your Nintendo eWallet credit. You can purchase games, add-ons, apps and more in the Nintendo eShop with your account balance.

The EU Nintendo eShop Cards are redeemable in EU countries that have euro as their currency. If you have a US account, you will need a US Nintendo eShop Card. Please check your country settings in your Nintendo account. Choose the corresponding country settings in our webshop to be sure you purchase the Nintendo eShop Card that is compatible with your account.

Yes, the Nintendo eShop Cards are redeemable on your Switch. The vouchers are also redeemable in the Nintendo eShop via your Wii U and Nintendo 3DS.

Yes, they can. If you top up your Nintendo eWallet with the credit from the gift card, you can buy V-Bucks for Fortnite. Note that these V-bucks are for Fortnite on Nintendo Switch only.

Please make sure you entered the code correctly. If the error continues to show, this may indicate a delay in activating the card. Please wait 24 hours before trying again. Are you still having trouble redeeming the code? Please check the country settings. You can contact our Customer Support if you accidentally purchased the wrong Nintendo eShop Card.

Nintendo eShop Cards are redeemable at any moment and do not expire.

You can use the Nintendo eShop Card to top up your eWallet. With this credit, you can make purchases in the Nintendo eShop. To top up your eWallet balance, use the code you received in your inbox.

Yes, you can. You can top up your Nintendo eWallet with the gift cards and use this credit to pay for your Switch Online subscription. However, it is more convenient to use the Nintendo Switch Online cards.

Yes, this is of course possible. You can buy them quick and easy at Go to: Gift Cards - Gaming - Nintendo eShop Cards. Choose the credit you need and proceed to the payment screen. You will receive the code in your inbox in no time.

Normally, digital products cannot be refunded. However, at Gamecardsdirect, we can offer you a refund if you have purchased the wrong product. You are only eligible for a refund if you have not seen or used the code. Your payment will be reimbursed within 1-5 business days, depending on the payment method you used for your purchase.

No, Nintendo eShop Cards are only redeemable on the Nintendo Switch via the Nintendo eShop. These gift cards are not redeemable in the Wii Shop.

Go to the HOME menu in the Nintendo eShop and choose the account you would like to use to redeem your gift card with. Select Use Code on the left side of your screen and fill in the code you received in your inbox.

You can check the balance by redeeming your code in the Nintendo eShop. If you just want to check the gift card’s credit, do not continue to redeem the card.

No, since 29 august 2022, it is only possible to redeem the Nintendo Eshop card on your Nintendo Switch.

At Gamecardsdirect you can buy a Nintendo eShop Card with your PayPal account. Add the gift card to your shopping cart and proceed to payment. At the payment screen, select PayPal as your method of payment.

You can use the prepaid code directly in the shopping cart of the Nintendo eShop. Choose the product you wish to buy, continue to your shopping cart and log in to your account. Select prepaid code as the payment method.

Country Language

Your choice of country ensures that we can offer you the right products and payment methods. Make sure that this matches the country of the account(s) on which you want to redeem the product.