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  • EA Origin Access

    Get an EA Origin Access subscription and gain access to the large game collection in The Vault! Play The Sims, Battlefield and more for just one monthly price.

    EA Origin Access

EA Origin Access

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What is EA Origin Access?

EA Origin Access is what you could call a 'PC games subscription'. If you are a member of this service, you will gain access to The Vault; this is a growing number of PC games that you can download and play unlimited. You can also try completely new EA games for free before they are actually released. Plus, you automatically get 10% off all games in the Origin webshop. The discount applies to full games, pre-orders and DLCs.

What is The Vault?

The Vault is a growing number of EA PC games. Access these games with an EA Origin Access subscription. These are the full versions of the games. More and more games are being added to this section. You can view all the games in the Vault.

Will The Vault also offer third-party PC games?

Yes, The Vault also includes limited editions of third-party PC games, and the collection also expands with EA Origin Access.

What are Play First trial versions?

Play First trials are EA games that will be released soon but are not yet available to the general public, so you might be the first to play certain games. How cool is that?

What kind of games can you play on EA Origin Access?

  • Trial versions: These are available to all Origin players, even if they are not Origin Access members.
  • Demos: Standalone game parts that give the player a first impression.
  • Play First Trial Versions: the complete game that you can play temporarily before a game is officially released. This category is only available to EA Origin Access members.

Will the trial versions of Play First retain my data?

Your progress will be preserved in the Play First trial versions, so you don't have to worry about it. When you buy the full game, you can pick up where you left off, so no valuable play time is lost.

What discount do I get if I am a member of EA Origin Access?

You get 10% off your purchases on the Origin Gaming platform, including releases and reservations, as well as expansions, bundles, and more. To do this, you must make your purchases from the EA Origin Store.

Can Origin Access games be played on PC and Mac?

You can only play EA Origin Access games on your PC. The same applies to the Vault games and Play First trial versions.

Do I always need the Internet to play on EA Origin Access?

If you play the first versions of PC games on EA Origin Access, you will always need an Internet connection. Some Vault games can be played offline, but you may need to connect to the Internet from time to time to indicate that you are an Origin member.

How do I register for Origin Access?

Registering with Origin Access is very easy. First you need to register, you can do that here. Then follow the instructions on the screen and start using EA Origin Access immediately.

Gamecardsdirect sells Dutch, Belgian and German EA Origin Access Cards; does the game offering vary per country?

Yes, the offer varies from country to country, depending on the regulations of each country as to which games may be sold and offered. The offer in The Vault varies from country to country.

How can I redeem an EA Origin Access Code?

The quickest and easiest way to start using your code to top up the balance on your eWallet for EA Origin Access is as follows, click here for more information.

What variants of EA Origin Access cards does Gamecardsdirect sell?

We have different values of Origin Access cards for different countries, below you can see which variants we sell:

  • Germany: 15 and 30 Euro
  • Netherlands: 15 and 30 Euro
  • Belgium: 15 and 30 Euro

Choose which card best suits the amount you want to spend on games or an EA subscription. A German account cannot be combined with a Dutch card code, so be careful when buying this type of card. This also applies to other countries; you must buy the card that corresponds to the country settings of your EA Origin account.

How do I buy an EA Origin Access Card from Gamecardsdirect?

Buying an EA Origin Access Card in our webshop is very easy, fast and secure. It works as follows:

  1. Go to the card you want to buy and add it to your shopping cart;
  2. Fill in some details and agree to the terms of sale;
  3. Pay with one of the many payment methods we offer;
  4. You will receive your order immediately by e-mail.
Country Language

Your choice of country ensures that we can offer you the right products and payment methods. Make sure that this matches the country of the account(s) on which you want to redeem the product.