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  • Explore endless fascinating planets.
  • Engage in strategic intergalactic battles.
  • Embark on an epic cosmic journey.
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€ 79,99


Experience the Next Frontier in Gaming with Starfield

Prepare for an interstellar adventure like no other with Starfield, the highly anticipated space-faring RPG developed by Elder Scrolls’ Bethesda Game Studios. Set in a vast and immersive universe, Starfield promises to transport players to the depths of the cosmos, where they can explore uncharted planets, engage in thrilling space combat, and uncover the secrets of the universe. Starfield aims to deliver a one-of-a-kind space gaming experience in the vein of No Man’s Sky, but with the storytelling and memorable characters of Skyrim/Fallout.

Embark on a Galactic Odyssey in Starfield for Xbox Series XS/ Windows 10

In Starfield, players will have the opportunity to create their own character and set out on a journey across the stars. Choose your path as you navigate a compelling story filled with choice and consequence. Will you be a daring explorer, a cunning trader, or a fearsome bounty hunter? The choice is yours as you chart your own course through the cosmos.

With stunning next-generation graphics and cutting-edge features, Bethesda Game Studios has crafted a boundless universe that feels alive and vibrant. From bustling spaceports to unexplored alien landscapes, every corner of the galaxy is teeming with detail and opportunity. Lose yourself in the awe-inspiring beauty of the cosmos as you encounter strange civilizations, uncover ancient artifacts and unravel the mysteries of the world.

Epic, Strategic Space Combat

As a space travelling adventurer, you'll have the opportunity to engage in exhilarating ship-to-ship combat. Customize your spacecraft with powerful weapons and defensive systems to gain an edge in combat. Engage in intense dogfights, epic space battles, and establish your dominance among the stars. Whether you choose to be a mercenary for hire or a noble protector, your skills and choices in combat will shape the destiny of the galaxy.

A Boundless RPG Experience

Starfield promises to provide a rich and immersive RPG experience. Customize your character's skills, abilities, and appearance to suit your playstyle. Engage in dynamic conversations with memorable characters, forge alliances, and make impactful choices. Featuring the open world and freedom Bethesda is known for, prepare to embark on an unforgettable journey through the cosmos, and immerse yourself in a world where the possibilities are as infinite as the stars.

Where Can I Embark on my Starfield Adventure?

Starfield for Xbox Series XS/Windows 10 can be purchased right here at Gamecardsdirect, the one-stop gift card shop. An email containing the game code will be instantly delivered to you, which can be redeemed and then played immediately. Get ready to travel among the stars!


Starfield is the first new universe in over 25 years from Bethesda Game Studios, the award-winning creators of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and Fallout 4. In this next generation role-playing game set amongst the stars, create any character you want and explore with unparalleled freedom as you embark on an epic journey to answer humanity’s greatest mystery. In the year 2330, humanity has ventured beyond our solar system, settling new planets, and living as a spacefaring people. You will join Constellation – the last group of space explorers seeking rare artifacts throughout the galaxy – and navigate the vast expanse of space in Bethesda Game Studios’ biggest and most ambitious game. *** Pre-order now and receive “Old Mars Skin Pack” in-game bonus skins: - Laser Cutter - Deep Mining Helmet - Deep Mining Pack Standard Edition Includes: - Starfield Base Game *** TELL YOUR STORY In Starfield the most important story is the one you tell with your character. Start your journey by customizing your appearance and deciding your Background and Traits. Will you be an experienced explorer, a charming diplomat, a stealthy cyber runner, or something else entirely? The choice is yours. Decide who you will be and what you will become. EXPLORE OUTER SPACE Venture through the stars and explore more than 1000 planets. Navigate bustling cities, explore dangerous bases, and traverse wild landscapes. Meet and recruit a memorable cast of characters, join in the adventures of various factions, and embark on quests across the Settled Systems. A new story or experience is always waiting to be discovered. CAPTAIN THE SHIP OF YOUR DREAMS Pilot and command the ship of your dreams. Personalize the look of your ship, modify critical systems including weapons and shields, and assign crew members to provide unique bonuses. In deep space you will engage in high-stakes dogfights, encounter random missions, dock at star stations, and even board and commandeer enemy ships to add to your collection. DISCOVER, COLLECT, BUILD Explore planets and discover the fauna, flora, and resources needed to craft everything from medicine and food to equipment and weapons. Build outposts and hire a crew to passively extract materials and establish cargo links to transfer resources between them. Invest these raw materials into research projects to unlock unique crafting recipes. LOCK AND LOAD Space can be a dangerous place. A refined combat system gives you the tools to deal with any situation. Whether you prefer long-range rifles, laser weapons, or demolitions, each weapon type can be modified to complement your playstyle. Zero G environments add a chaotic spectacle to combat, while boost packs give players freedom to maneuver like never before.

Redeem instructions

How to redeem your new Xbox game?

So you got a code for a sparking new Xbox game, but don’t know how to use it? We’re here to help! You can proceed in any of the following ways, whichever is more convenient for you!

Redeeming your Xbox game on your Xbox Series X|S
To redeem your new Xbox game directly on your Xbox Series X|S console, just do as follows:

  1. Use the Xbox button to open the guide;
  2. Choose the Store option;
  3. Press the View button to open the side menu, and click on Redeem;
  4. Enter the 25-character code, click Next and confirm one last time.
  5. Have fun with your new game!

Redeeming your Xbox game on the Xbox One
To redeem your new Xbox game directly on your Xbox One console, just do as follows:

  1. Use the Xbox button to open the guide;
  2. Go to Home;
  3. Scroll to the Store tab;
  4. Select Use a code;
  5. Enter the code you received from us, click Next and confirm again.
  6. Enjoy your new game!

Redeeming your Xbox game via the Xbox website
Please follow these steps to redeem your code via the Xbox website.

  1. Go to and select Sign in;
  2. Open the Games drop-down menu in the top bar;
  3. Click on Redeem code;
  4. Enter your Game Pass code, click Next and confirm one last time.
  5. It’s done, you can now download your new Xbox game to your console.

Redeeming your Xbox game via the Microsoft Store app
If you instead prefer to use the Microsoft Store app on your PC, these are the steps to follow:

  1. Click the Start button to open the Microsoft Store;
  2. Choose Redeem code in the drop-down menu that appears when you click on your picture;
  3. Enter the code we sent you, click Next and confirm one last time.
  4. Download the game to your Xbox console and have fun!
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