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SoShop 150

Instant delivery
Digital Code
  • 150 euro top-up code
  • account required
  • French prepaid MasterCard top-up code
DO NOT respond to cold calls asking you to send code details
NEVER use these codes to pay fines, fees or deliveries
More information
€ 150,00


  • For French accounts;
  • Add 150 euro credit immediately;
  • Redeemable for SoShop prepaid mastercard;
  • Top-up code for immediate use.

Buy the top-up code at Gamecardsdirect

With the SoShop voucher you can add credit to your French SoShop card. With the prepaid credit card of SoShop, you can pay safely, both online and offline. You will receive the top-up code after payment in your mailbox and is immediately redeemable. The code is valid 1 year after purchase.

The SoShop top-up code worth 150 euro is ideal as a gift, but we also have the 20 euro top-up codes. At Gamecardsdirect we offer the following SoShop vouchers:

Pay securely online and 3D-secure with your prepaid Mastercard

Your SoShop credit card is the same as a regular credit card. You can use this prepaid credit card as a means of payment, both online and offline. Your payments are even 3D-secure!

3D-secure payments are credit card transactions where you not only have to fill in the card number, but also a code or password. This reduces the risk of fraud. In European countries, credit cards are therefore often issued with a 3D-secure code.

You can also make these kinds of secure payments using the mobile app. You use your phone number when activating your credit card. This phone number will then be linked to your card.

What can you do with a 150 euro top-up card?

You can add 150 euro credit to your prepaid credit card with your top-up card. You cannot use this code in any other way. Please make sure to create a account before you buy this code.

Yyou can use your prepaid credit card at various (online) shops in France, such as Timberland, Nike, Zavvi, You can use the card in other countries as soon as your account is confirmed. More information about confirming your account can be found on the website.

The 'Instructions' section, you will find how to redeem your code.


  • SoShop 150 € top up code;
  • SoShop is a well known payment method Prepaid credit card;
  • The safest global payment method;
  • The code is redeemable up to 1 year after purchase.

Buy the digital gift card at Gamecardsdirect and receive the code immediately by email.

Terms and conditions

With a SoShop Top Up voucher you can top up your credit on your SoShop Card. Please note that you need a SoShop account first to use this code. Do not buy the code if you do not have an account yet.

With Gamecardsdirect you can purchase your digital products 24/7. Do you need help redeeming your code? Go to our Manuals or FAQ page. Is your question not listed in there? Feel free to contact us.

This Top Up voucher is non-refundable! Once you have received the code, your right to a cooling-off period expires. You have a cooling-off period as long as the code has not been sent. Never give this code to a third party.

Redeem instructions

You can redeem your SoShop account in various ways. Follow the instructions of one of the redeem methods below to top up your card.

Redeem your code via SMS:

  1. Send LOAD [top-up code] [last 4 digits of your card] to: 09 78 41 51 10. Example: LOAD A123456789 1234;
  2. Your credit will be added immediately to your account.

Redeem your code via the SoShop mobile app:

  1. Open the SoShop app;
  2. Select “Mes cartes”;
  3. Click “Gérer ma carte”;
  4. Then choose “Recharger ma carte”;
  5. Fill in your top-up code;
  6. Validate your code;
  7. You’re done! The credit has been added..

Redeem your code via the website:

  1. Go to;
  2. Click “mon profil” and then “Gérer ma carte”;
  3. Choose for the option to redeem your top-up card (Recharger votre carte);
  4. Use the code you received from Gamecardsdirect;
  5. The credit will be added to your SoShop card.
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Country Language

Your choice of country ensures that we can offer you the right products and payment methods. Make sure that this matches the country of the account(s) on which you want to redeem the product.