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Twitch Gift Card Variable

No service costs
Instant delivery
Digital Code
  • Variable Twitch Top Up Card
  • Add balance to your Twitch Wallet
  • Suitable for Dutch Twitch accounts
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€ 15.00 - € 150.00


Good news, everybody! Your search for the perfect gift is over. Twitch is the ideal online platform for people to come together to talk and stream about games, music, sport and more.

Get more out of your Twitch experience with a Twitch Gift Card!

Support your favourite streamers, discover special benefits and more with a Twitch Gift Card. Use the voucher yourself or give it to a friend, SO or family member. With your Twitch balance, you can:

  • Subscribe to your favourite streamer;
  • Purchase bits for unique emotions;
  • Gift subscriptions to friends.

Twitch Bits, subscriptions and sharing

Share your enthusiasm with your friends and family, and give them a Twitch subscription! After you have used your Twitch Gift Card to top up credit, you can give a gift subscription to a fellow Twitcher. This way you can enjoy your favourite stream together.

Or would you rather use your Twitch balance for yourself? Buy Bits, this allows you to unlock fun and unique emotions to express yourself even more in your own way in the Twitch chat. The use of these emotions is called cheering. You can cheer with "Cheermotes" that you use with Bits. Cheermotes are typical for Twitch and are also frequently used. You can't really live without them.

In addition to these fun sharing moments, you can also do something for your streamer to support them. Subscribe to their channel. Once you've subscribed, you'll enjoy unique benefits and you'll never have any more commercials between streams. That's what we want, right Twitch?

Use your Twitch Wallet as a payment method for purchases

Your Twitch Wallet will automatically be used as a payment method for your purchases on With your Gift Card, you can replenish this balance easily. If the cost of your purchase is higher than the balance of your Twitch Gift Card, the extra amount will be charged to your saved payment method. If you do not have a second payment method linked to your account, you will be asked to add one. Or you can use an extra Twitch Gift Card, which is easy and safe ;).


Twitch is where millions of people come together live every day to chat, interact, and make their own entertainment together.

What’s live? Everything: Esports tournaments? Yep. Cooking shows? Got ‘em. Some guy in a chicken suit with a trumpet? We wouldn’t be surprised.

Whatever you're into, it's on Twitch: Watch esports pros, catch a live tour of Tokyo, or learn how to bake. There’s always something live and new on Twitch.

Play your part: Streamers kick it all off, but you help decide what happens next. With chat, emotes, and more, this party bus goes where you steer it.

Find your squad: Chat, laugh, and bond together. It’s like sharing one couch with thousands of friends.

Support streamers: Use Bits to interact with your favorite streamers, unlock exclusive badges and emotes with a sub, or gift subs to spread the love to friends and communities.

Terms and conditions

This gift card can only be redeemed for gift balance accounts that are denominated in Euro.*

Terms and Conditions

Purchase of this gift card constitutes acceptance of the Twitch Terms of Sale and the following terms and conditions:

This card may be redeemed only on, only by persons age 13 and up, and only for goods and services offered by Twitch or for goods sold on or its applications. This card cannot be returned, refunded, resold or redeemed for cash, except where required by applicable law. This card cannot be used to buy other gift cards. This card and the value underlying this card do not expire. This card is non-reloadable. There are no fees associated with this card.

Treat this gift card like cash. Twitch is not responsible for lost, stolen, damaged, destroyed or misplaced cards, or cards used without your permission. This card is issued by Twitch Interactive, Inc. Please see additional terms and conditions, including instructions for redeeming this card, at For customer service, visit:

*Euro-denominated gift balance accounts are currently available in Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Spain.

Redeem instructions

How do you redeem your Twitch Gift Card?

  • Visit Twitch’s Redemption page;
  • Log in to your account;
  • Enter the code you received;
  • Your new credit has been added to your Twitch account.
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  • 1.100.000+ satisfied customers

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Country Language

Your choice of country ensures that we can offer you the right products and payment methods. Make sure that this matches the country of the account(s) on which you want to redeem the product.