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Nintendo eShop Card €15

No service costs
Instant delivery
Digital Code
  • Buy 15 euros of Nintendo eShop credits and get even more out of your Nintendo console!
  • Purchase products from Nintendo eShop, such as: games, DLCs and in-game credits.
  • Nintendo eShop credits allow you to purchase via your smartphone, console and the Nintendo site.
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€ 15,00


What is a 15 euro Nintendo eShop Card?

A €15 Nintendo eShop Card is a digital card in the form of a code that allows you to upgrade your account with Nintendo and then use your digital credits to buy all kinds of products from Nintendo eShop, such as: DLCs, apps, games and in-game credits, as well as Nintendo Online. So you pay with regular money to purchase digital credits to then buy digital products with.

Are Nintendo eShop Cards region-specific?

Nintendo eShop Cards are region-specific, this means that a German eShop Card, for example, is not valid in the French Nintendo eShop or that of another country; so keep this in mind when purchasing a Nintendo eShop Card!

What is the Nintendo eShop?

Nintendo eShop is Nintendo's digital shop where you can buy digital products such as: DLCs, apps, games, in-game credits, Nintendo Online, and more. In Nintendo eShop, you can pay for your purchases in various ways, one of which is digitally through a Nintendo eShop Card.

How can I easily purchase products from Nintendo eShop that match the value of the eShop Card I bought?

Shopping in Nintendo eShop is very easy, because you have the option to immediately see all products in a certain price category, just tick the category during your search process; for example, you can tick the price category '€0.01 - €2.49' or that of '€30.00 - €49.99', so you can quickly see all products that fall within these prices. This searches nice and targeted and fast and you immediately know what you can buy for the amount you have to spend. You can also search by other categories, such as: 'Under a fiver', for when you have less than 5 euros to spend, as well as 'Nintendo Switch recommendations'.

Does Gamecardsdirect offer more products from Nintendo?

Yes, we offer more products from Nintendo, such as: DLCs, in-game credits and Nintendo Online. Check out our webshop for these products.

How do you buy a Nintendo eShop Card at Gamecardsdirect?

Buying a Nintendo eShop Card at Gamecardsdirect is quick, easy and safe. Choose for which amount you want to purchase a Nintendo eShop Card and put this product in your digital shopping basket at our webshop. Then fill in some details. The next step is to pay for your purchase and this can be done at Gamecardsdirect in many different international ways. Pay for your product and within seconds you will receive your purchase in the form of a code in the inbox of your e-mail. At Gamecardsdirect, you also have the option of buying a gift for someone else; just let us know in the ordering process so we can provide fun digital gift paper to wrap your gift with.


Give friends, relatives or even yourself a smile with a Nintendo eShop Card!

A Nintendo eShop Card is the perfect gift for anyone who loves to play and wants to have fun!

You can use Nintendo eShop Cards as a fast, safe and easy alternative to credit cards when purchasing games and other content on Nintendo eShop or on the official Nintendo website.

Open Nintendo eShop on your Nintendo Switch console and you'll discover a world of games available for immediate purchase and download.

You can use Nintendo eShop Cards to add funds to your Nintendo eShop balance in five denominations: €15, €25, €50, €75 and €100. Note that Nintendo eShop displays prices in the currency that corresponds to the country/region setting for your Nintendo Account.

Code not received?

If you do not receive your code within 10 minutes, check your spam folder, promotional folder or your tab ‘Other Messages’. It is possible that the e-mail has ended up there.

For some payment methods we use an extra check. Keep in mind that it will take a bit longer before you receive your order. This is the case with:

  • PayPal payments (maximum 24 hours);
  • Credit card payments (maximum 24 hours);
  • SoFort-payments (1-3 working days)


For the most frequently asked questions, please visit our Nintendo eShop Card FAQ page.

Terms and conditions

Legal guidelines regarding Nintendo eShop prepaid codes

Can be used on a Nintendo Switch

To use this card, you need a wireless Internet connection and must agree to the network-related terms and conditions and privacy policies. You may also need to create or link a Nintendo account.

  • Can only be redeemed once and only for the full value in the same currency used to purchase the code;
  • Cannot be resold, exchanged, refunded or otherwise redeemed for cash;
  • Will not be replaced by Nintendo or your retailer if lost, stolen or if otherwise used without your permission.

© Nintendo

Redeem instructions

How to redeem your Nintendo eShop Gift Card on your Nintendo Switch Console?

If you want to redeem your Nintendo eShop Gift Card on your Switch console, these simple instructions will tell you how to.

  1. Power up your Switch console and go to the Nintendo eShop;
  2. Select the account where you want to place the credit;
  3. Select Redeem Code on the left of your screen;
  4. Enter the 16-character code you received from us;
  5. Complete the process and have fun!

How can you redeem your Nintendo eShop Gift Card on the Nintendo website?

To redeem your Nintendo eShop Gift Card on Nintendo’s website, please follow these steps:

  1. Click on “Nintendo eShop” on the left bar;
  2. Click on Redeem Code;
  3. Log in to your account;
  4. Type your code and click Continue.
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Country Language

Your choice of country ensures that we can offer you the right products and payment methods. Make sure that this matches the country of the account(s) on which you want to redeem the product.