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Credit for mobile games and in-app purchases

In-game purchases with Google Play credit

In the Google Play Store, there are lots of free games that you can play. However, most games become more interesting if you also make use of some great items or boosts. For example, you can buy cool skins, epic items, fun emotes and boosts. This is almost always done in the game’s store. There are different payment options for buying in-game currencies and items, but the most secure and easy way is via your Google Play Store wallet. Buy Google Play Gift Codes to add credit to your wallet and make in-game purchases by using this payment method. That way, you don't have to link your bank account or credit card to your Google account. You are always in control of your spending (and the kids cannot accidentally make a purchase either). See below for all our Google Play Gift Codes for Mobile Game in-app purchases:

mobile in game credit google play

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In-game purchases with Apple Gift Cards

In the App store, there are tons of apps and games you can download and play. Many of those free games offer the option to extend your game experience by making in-game purchases. You do this with the in-game currency that is available for the game you are playing. A safe and kid-proof way to make in-game purchases is by putting credit in your Apple Wallet. You do this by means of an Apple iTunes gift card. You do not need a credit card and you do not need to link your bank details to your account. Buy your favourite skin, the best items or that exceptionally good boost for relatively little money. See below for all our Apple iTunes credits for Mobile Game in-app purchases:

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pokemon go

Pokécoins in Pokémon GO

Pokémon GO is a sensation that has reached unprecedented heights! Who does not know it? Never before was a mobile game as popular as Pokémon GO.

Even before the official release date, the game could be downloaded on various websites. In early July 2016, the game became available in several countries and the official version of Pokémon GO could finally be downloaded from the App Store. Shortly after the official release, Pokémon GO was installed millions of times on iPhones and Android smartphones. The game is now played by tens of millions of people worldwide, and Pokémon madness increases daily. You do not want to miss out on this hype!

Pokémon GO Coins - what are they?

Pokécoins are the in-game currency of Pokémon GO. Do you want to progress quickly in Pokémon GO? If so, it is advisable to buy Pokémon items to progress faster. Want to buy Pokémon items such as Pokéballs, Incense, Lucky Eggs, and Potions? You will need Pokécoins to purchase these items.

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