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  • GTA Online Shark Cards

    A Shark Card will instantly deposit the chosen amount of $$$ to your GTA Online bank account, so you can buy anything you want in game, from simple clothes to cars and even whole buildings.

    GTA Online Shark Cards

GTA Online Shark Cards

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GTA Online Tiger Shark Card Xbox

€ 3,99
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GTA Online Bull Shark Card Xbox

€ 7,49
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GTA Online Great White Shark Card Xbox

€ 14,99
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GTA Online Whale Shark Card Xbox

€ 37,99
Delivery via email

GTA Online Megalodon Shark Card Xbox

€ 74,99

What are Shark Cards?

Shark Cards are optional microtransaction-funded cards that allow the player to get more in-game money without wasting their time grinding heists and so on. Anything you buy with Shark Cards can also be purchased without them. They just mean that it is up to the player whether they want to spend their precious time grinding missions or skip all that.

Shark Cards

Use Shark Cards to Buy the Best In-Game Items in No Time

There are so many cool things to buy in GTA Online that it can seem overwhelming . Do you have your eye on that luxurious mansion, fancy car, stunning planes or epic weapons but are they WAY out of your spending capabilities? Your woes are over! With the Shark Cards you can find here at Gamecardsdirect, the one-stop gift card shop, you will be several millions richer and will finally be able to afford the vehicles or property of your dreams.

Enhance Your or a Friend’s GTA Online Xbox Experience

A Shark Card is an ideal purchase for any GTA Online player, or as a gift to a friend who has the game on Xbox. Once added to your account, the credit is valid indefinitely.

What Type of Shark Cards are Available at Gamecardsdirect?

We strive to bring you only the best of the best, and have selected the products that will give you the most value. Please note that at the moment we only sell Shark Cards for the Xbox. These are the cards currently on available in our webstore:

With that much in-game money, you will only need to worry about how to spend it. Will you buy a top vehicle? A mansion? Why not both? The choice is yours!

Get your Shark Card for GTA Online at Gamecardsdirect!

There is no easier way to buy a GTA Shark Card for Xbox One than to do it here at Gamecardsdirect, the one-stop gift card shop. Simply select the card you want, put it in the cart, fill in a few details so that we know how we can send the code to you and pay by using the payment method you’re most comfortable with. We have more than 20 you can choose from! And that’s it, the process is complete and you will receive the code directly to your email address.

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